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      Possibly the worst Gyro article ever written. The hero is mediocre at best and a stat build just piles garbage on garbage.
      Mirana and Storm are the same as always.


        The part on Gyro is on point. That hero worked during TI despite not being the most scalable of heroes.

        I remember Secret picking Gyro and I wasn’t sure if they picked IO to go along. Just remembered they won.

        aikyu3 SuBi ♪

          If you are going Gyro 0-0-4-1, why don't you just pick Medusa who just outperform Gyro in almost every aspect?

          A magic-build Gyro is actually more viable. One time I was rekt by a maxed out rocket barrage+missile , with Veil+shard, this random pub Gyro destroyed my Tide at minute 20.

          Just my two cents.

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            not bad


              the real reason mirana is so good just cause of the moonlight evasion. People dont buy mkb nowadays

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