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(Why) is Winter Wyvern Dominating 5k Pubs?By KawaiiSocks on
(Why) is Winter Wyvern Dominating 5k Pubs?

Winter Wyvern is a peculiar hero. Looking at her skillset from back when she was released, one can only wonder how overpowered the hero used to be. Even after a long series of harsh nerfs she still manages to win more than 55% of her games in the 5k+ bracket, making her the 5th most successful hero in highest level pubs right now.

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Pre-TI Pub Tier ListBy KawaiiSocks on
Pre-TI Pub Tier List

It’s been more than half a year since we did our last Tier List, and now is an excellent time to have a look at how meta has changed since then. During this period we’ve received numerous small patches, all aimed at making pub play and The International balanced as possible.

Zeus Has ArrivedBy eggs on
Zeus Has Arrived

Zeus is still the same hero at his core, but there have been a few significant changes, since we last talked about him, that have edged him more towards relevancy in the competitive meta.

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Chaos Knight - Niche or Finally Situational?By Skim on
Chaos Knight - Niche or Finally Situational?

Dota 2 has iconic hero pairs that have made a lot of impact in the pro scene, either because they became a meta standard or because a specific team dominated with it. We recently covered Visage, a hero that, for the longest time, was part of a pocket strategy with Drow Ranger.

Chaos Knight is also such a hero, and together with Io he was a strong pick to be reckoned with in 2013, though Io has long since moved on to become a support that doesn’t rely on niche combos. Chaos Knight on the other hand has been nothing but a niche pick since, though that may have changed now. At the recent MDL, Chaos Knight was picked 12 times and won 8 games. Is this the beginning of a trend or is he still just as niche as before?

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Let's Break Siltbreaker!
Let's Break Siltbreaker!
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