Dealing With MarciBy KawaiiSocks on

Marci started out as one of the strongest heroes in Dota, received some heavy and very deserved nerfs, yet still remains a foe to be reckoned with. Today we are going to look at how one goes about trying to deal with the hero and what weaknesses the hero has.

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Introducing: Hero Mastery and a Holiday SaleBy DotabuffTeam on

As 2021 starts to wind down, we here at Dotabuff asked ourselves what better way to celebrate than with a new Dotabuff Plus feature? Our answer: how about a new Dotabuff Plus feature AND a limited-time-only introductory price for Dotabuff Plus!

Are the New Dota Heroes too Versatile?By Duality on

It’s crazy to think that Dota heroes have been consistently developed and released for almost two decades at this point. That is 122 unique opportunities to practice hero design, not to mention the countless patches of tweaking and reworking or the likelihood of many partially developed hero concepts. That is a lot of time to optimize what makes a good hero. It also means there are a lot of other moving pieces to consider when trying to create a hero that will be relevant and unique enough to be interesting.

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Let's Theorycraft Some ItemsBy KawaiiSocks on

Dota itemization is a thing of beauty. There are so many different viable options in every game for almost every hero that it can turn into a mini-game of its own. Even the neutral items can sometimes factor into itemization decisions. Because of it, new items are always exciting, so today we would like to theorycraft what could possibly be added or changed in Dota and why.

Attribute Bonus — a Mechanic Long ForgottenBy KawaiiSocks on

One of the more interesting developments for Dota over the last five years is how attributes have more or less made a full circle. After multiple attempts to make primary attributes more meaningful and tie other game mechanics to Strength, Agility and Intelligence, we are now back to the very basics. We are not here to discuss whether this simplicity is beneficial or not, but rather remind players that there is one mechanic that recently made a comeback as a result of this approach that is quite underrated.

Let's Talk About BuybacksBy KawaiiSocks on

The ten-player buyback in the match between T1 and PSG.LGD was one of the International highlights this year. Never, in the history of the biggest esports tournament, has so much gold been spent for no apparent gain, as even the end of the fight was inconclusive. This moment led to several interesting questions about the mechanics of buyback and today we would like to, perhaps not answer them outright, but rather think about and analyze them.

Is Spirit Breaker The Worst Hero in Dota?By Duality on

For a long time Dota 2 fans have prided the game as having a much more dynamic metagame than other Dota-like titles. At The International 10 all but seven eligible heroes received either a pick or ban during the draft phase. All but eight heroes were actually played, indicating some form of theoretical viability. If we expand the scope to include the TI 10 qualifiers, which helped form a large part of the TI 10 meta, there was a single hero that was never targeted across all six regions of play.

Does Save Need a Buff?By KawaiiSocks on

One of the more noticeable trends this TI was the overwhelming prevalence of high-burst strategies. This is a very understandable trend: you blow up an enemy, you are already at an advantage and it wasn’t surprising heroes like Tiny were valued so highly, along with burst-supporting characters like Elder Titan and Snapfire. But was this trend based solely on the realities of the International, or is there currently a problem with saves in general? Let’s have a look.

Marci First ImpressionsBy Duality on

Okay, let’s just get this out of the way immediately. Marci is overpowered, like, old Earth Spirit or release-day-Monkey King overpowered. Because of this we will try to talk about what she does in a broader sense that should still be relevant after her numbers are nerfed to more acceptable levels.

The International 10 Meta RecapBy KawaiiSocks on

One of the most interesting things about the International is that it really pushes forward the understanding of the meta and how the game is played. When top teams in the world are playing at the peak of their ability and pushing the game to its limits, new, interesting strategies start to emerge. And no, it is not all Magnus.

Team Spirit's Secret to SuccessBy Duality on

Wherever you were with regards to Team Spirit’s chances coming into The International 10, by the end it is pretty clear that the team has something special. I went back and watched a bunch of their replays to try and gain some insights about what made Team Spirit so successful in a stacked international field of competition. Yes, Collapse played incredibly and Yatoro put up one of the best and most varied carry performances of the season. However, there was a strange feeling I got in almost every game about the way that Team Spirit’s two support players Mira and Miposhka played Dota.

The International 11 WishlistBy KawaiiSocks on

After a Decade of Champions, the Aegis completed its circle. We hope it isn’t an end, but just the beginning of a new era of the International. We have several suggestions that, in our opinion, will make the best esports event of the year even better.

Dotabuff Fantasy Guide: Main Event Day 6By KawaiiSocks on

The final day is tomorrow and it is the last fantasy guide for this TI. Team Spirit might be playing like absolute madmen with their carefree attitude, but we won’t. So once again, we are hedging our bets.

Dotabuff Fantasy Guide: Main Event Day 5By KawaiiSocks on

All-in Vici Gaming? All-in Invictus Gaming? A mix of both? We think after yesterday’s upset it is safe to say it is impossible to predict the better team. So, once again, we are going with better averages for all positions.

Dotabuff Fantasy Guide: Main Event Day 4By KawaiiSocks on

The first day of the playoffs when we really have to guess the winners in a lower bracket match for a possible double series. Is it wise to all-in on a team or is it better to spread your eggs across multiple baskets? Let’s find out.

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