Underrated Heroes to Watch Out ForBy KawaiiSocks on

There are several heroes who are only starting to gain popularity and are still underutilized by the playerbase. Today we want to talk about such heroes and discuss why exactly they fit so well into the current meta and why many professional teams are experimenting with them.

Heroes to Avoid Picking in PubsBy KawaiiSocks on

Habits are hard to break, but it is necessary to adapt to new patches and balance changes. There are several heroes who persist as some of the most popular pub picks, despite being very situational or sometimes even outright bad in the current meta. Today we are going to talk about such heroes and why we think they don’t really belong in above average level pubs.

Heroes Who Can (and Should) Solo Kill TormentorsBy KawaiiSocks on

Maximizing resource gathering on the map is one of the key aspects of Dota. Being more efficient can lead to a snowball effect off the back of some small advantages and ultimately win you the game. One of such advantage is the “free” shard your team can get from Tormentor. Taking it is usually a team effort, however there are several heroes who can (and should) do it by themselves.

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Learning From the QualifiersBy KawaiiSocks on

The qualifiers are not over yet, but there are definitely some trends worth paying attention to. Today we would like to highlight three heroes, who overperformed or are overperforming in all regions, making them the best candidates to spam in your everyday pubs.

7.34b First TrendsBy KawaiiSocks on

New patch - new trends. After a small adjustment to the game, new heroes emerged, while the obviously overpowered characters received some well deserved nerfs. Today we are going to go through some heroes who went overlooked in the previous post, but absolutely demand your attention right now.

Patch 7.34 First Trends: Biggest WinnersBy KawaiiSocks on

It’s been a week since the release of the patch and it definitely shook up the meta in a fabulous fashion. A lot of previously underused or underpowered heroes are now close to being OP and today we are going to talk about the biggest winners of the patch.

Patch 7.34 First ImpressionsBy KawaiiSocks on

The translated patchnotes are finally here and we finally get to analyze the biggest changes introduced in 7.34. Instead of going through all the heroes, for our First Impressions post we are going to reference our ideas and grievances about the previous patch and see whether they were addressed or not.

What Can We Learn from Riyadh MastersBy KawaiiSocks on

The Meta is in a really healthy place with a lot of viable heroes and it can still be made even better with some small adjustments, so instead of concentrating on stats, we are going to look at what general concepts better teams utilized throughout the tournament. Learning and implementing those in your gameplay will surely advance you through the ranks.

Problematic Concepts of the Current PatchBy KawaiiSocks on

We’ve got a chance to watch the Riyadh Masters Group Stage and while the meta in general is in an overall healthier place, there are still some problematic things in it, which are not necessarily hero-related, but rather concept-related. Today we would like to talk about some potential changes that could arguably make the meta even more open.

What Can We Expect from Riyadh MastersBy KawaiiSocks on

One of the biggest tournaments of the year finally starts tomorrow and it is coming right after a small balance patch that supposedly dealt with a lot of problematic meta heroes. This will have an impact on the overall professional meta and today we would like to speculate on what heroes we feel like will rise in popularity and success.

Heroes Who Could Use a NerfBy KawaiiSocks on

A couple of weeks ago I talked about heroes who could use a buff, but today, after the conclusion of the Bali Major, it is time to talk about heroes who desperately need a nerf. They are probably not going to surprise anyone, as they were the biggest meta trendsetters of the tournament with some of the highest win probabilities.

The Bali Major Group Stage RecapBy KawaiiSocks on

The Group Stage for the Bali Major is over and it is time to have a quick look at what works and what doesn’t at the highest level of competitive play. If you thought that the meta was set in stone, think again, because it looks like a lot of things are changing.

Heroes Who Could Use a BuffBy KawaiiSocks on

The meta is mostly settled and with the last patch a lot of problematic heroes were nerfed to a point where they don’t stand out too much. At the same time there are heroes who deserve some love and care. They were ignored during the last several big tournaments and are unlikely to make a comeback, unless they receive a buff or two. Today we are going to talk about these heroes.

Broodmother is BackBy KawaiiSocks on

A couple of weeks ago, when doing one of our top tier posts, we sighed with relief that while a lot of cheese heroes are in the meta right now, Broodmother isn’t. Well, someone had to go ahead and buff the hero and here we are. Broodmother — yet another very powerful cheese pick to destroy pubs with.

Spirit Breaker — the Magic of 17%By KawaiiSocks on

It should be no secret that Spirit Breaker is currently on a rampage through pubs. With 52% win rate in all brackets and 54% in Divine+ games, Barathrum is definitely a hero to spam, especially given how fun and effortless his victories are. Today we are going to talk about some unexpected tricks better Spirit Breaker players utilize in their matches.

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