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Oh No its Joe


    Я белоРУССКИЙ

      who is joe?


        No mention of Bloodseeker? I've been seeing him as a strong option in the offlane


          magical bloodseerker yes 👍

          MM.Ugh Brock Hall

            Venomancer is super interesting right now as an offlaner choice. Like Windranger and Nature's Prophet, being a mixed damage hero means there has always been a level of flexibility in how to be "strong enough" in one category and relying on having the benefit of the other category to win. It's not quite as often, however, that Veno's chosen cateogry to be strong enough in is tank. I THINK I prefer it to a blink+aghs meta.

            Y'Mera Xebella Challa

              Bloodseeker be like: am I a joke to you?


                Yes. Bloodseeker is a good joke.

                Chill we got this

                  bloodseeker gets dumpsterd in the lane if the pos5 of the enemy is popping off your pos4. Cant do shit to climb up. spamming BM this past week and the only problem i see with him is when you approach late game. After roar and your pos1 doesnt have enough juice. you are done. you can kite the supports with your summons but thats it. Late game usually falls of 50/50. but hey. 50% win rate late game is too goood right? GL HF guys!


                    Хочу сдохнуть



                      Hatsune Miku~★

                        Blood seeker is definitely a solid offlaner


                          bs slardar mars ?

                          Librock Games


                            Librock Games

                              Tide has always been a staple offlane and BM win % is dumpster. Where did you get 55% percent from his win is 42% you Dumb F***

                              21 Ravage

                                Nice, you mentioned three offlaners that have always been offlaners in dota. Holy shit!
                                you must have a billion iq to mention the same shit that has been going on for years

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                                21 Ravage

                                  Yo guys get this. I just found out AM is hard carry.
                                  Wait until you see my article about AM, naga, and spectre.
                                  I bet you didn't know they were safe lane heroes!!!!!!

                                  Asphorcata. Ready Brother...

                                    for the pubs, underlord go brrrr

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                                        i am having so much fun from reading the comment


                                          im surprised underlord isnt up here


                                            @21 Ravage Damn, you're dumb. The title literally says "Top Tier", not "New" or "Unique Offlaners". Learn to read before you start acting like a jackass.

                                            ϟ ŦĦǾƦ ϟ

                                              Bloodseeker, sandking, underlord, mars and slardar are way better offlaners with proper itemization according to the draft at the moment then these 3 mentioned above. Lol this guide was a good 5 min waste of my time lol.

                                              Bicc Thicc Boi

                                                No ET? Iight