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tough coach



      no tiny weirdchamp


        Tiny's ultimate bonus armor is so disgusting. Kinda hope that they will revert his no-AGI change and tone down his bonus armor as well.

        Tyrannical Cancer

          void kekw. His winrate now around 40-50%


            slark is very overpowered with the new aghs. surprised it isnt even on the list.


              no pl kekw.

              Shoutout Sean Ranklin

                Man, you guys need proofreaders for your posts. It's not "laneing," it's "laning." Looks really sloppy for a website that's wishing to be taken seriously.


                  The most winning (or just use the highest winrate)

                  Content is nice, keep it up!


                    nice i'd like more details on how Void Spirit is being played, since the nerf it feels better at creating space than carrying


                      why is there no pl?

                      Siktim Kutakbashev

                        ez drow


                          I still hate teammate invokers so I ban it.
                          I hate going against tiny right now he feels strong in any position.

                          Mungo Time

                            You are showing void spirits win rate since release. As someone said above, since the last nerf he is sub 50%


                              I still see shadow in my room

                              у меня 2 папы

                                If you win lanes you win game


                                  Happy to see Lone Druid return to the meta, very hard to counter in scrub tier, which is where i dwell..

                                  рок группа пошлая молли

                                    аххаха тракса


                                      хочу увидеть как авторы статей на этом сайте начнут юзать Правописание в ворде))

                                      abc fuck you

                                        Wat? How


                                          Well, Lone druid talent guide is shit if you wanna play lone don't take 10+ ARMOR at level 15 instead take -12 Savage roar you, level 20 dont take 0 entangle instead take -40 true form YOU SHOULD KNOW WHY IM SAYING -40 true form and of course lvl 25 -0.25 bear attack time. you will thank me later.

                                          what is this

                                            I think you mean level 20 for "and at level 15, +35% Multishot damage is also picked 84% of the time. "


                                              а где пудж


                                                Tiny, Bloodseeker, PL??


                                                  I don't understand how Juggernaut became so bad suddenly. Literally spammed him to 6k a year ago . He has the worst wintrate in the game because of the amount of players playing that hero. The devs should really buff his ulti cooldown man. Can't see a hero like jugg just disappear from the game.


                                                    just counter the enemy and you win 4HEad


                                                      Only if the game was that easy, counter picking doesn't mean anything unless u can execute the draft and the timings based on it.

                                                      Dark Energy

                                                        Just pick Razor.


                                                          Your TI9 predict sucks

                                                          Абужу ранкед

                                                            i want pudge