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    First post lol

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      Second boiii

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        third boyos


          Does anyone enjoy playing against Slark? I find him soooo frustrating!


            Slark doesen't differs from it was before. Annoying hero, but still really weak to stuns. Especially AOE-ones.

            No Handshake

              "Pounce can now be broken by Force Staff (and not Hurricane Pike)". Wrong or misleading. You can still use Hurricane Pike on yourself to break free from Pounce's Leash status effect.

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                What about Naga?

                Jack Attack

                  Walrus. Delete the post before icefroggo sees it..


                    Nothing to say about Meepo? I am pretty sure never in dota history there was a hero with 67% win rate before. Specially in such a difficult hero. His new lifesteal managed to make the hero beat his biggest counters like Winter Wivern and Sven.

                    Similar to why Slark is so toxic now, since he can kill heroes that were previously his counters like Anti-Mage and Storm Spirit.

                    Still, I am happy that Riki is not such a big problem anymore thanks to the rise in popularity for Bounty Hunter.


                      AM is more annoyimg than slark, counterspell can reflect more than 1 spells unlike the old aghanim and easily spammable(this also linken as a main item to get after BF)
                      AM isnt OP, but now become a lot more annoying since hero that usually can counter AM is now not good (Kunkka, Lion, Shaman, Sven, CK)
                      While ironically, Slark is now a counter to AM and maybe this is the reason AM doesnt feel OP


                        As a support player, fuck slark spammers. Even when I pick a hero with a stun, Slark players just single me out everytime, while my team is oblivious to their support dying in the back lines. Have to rush a damn forcestaff now every time the enemy picks him.


                          Also, valve do a good job reworking dead spells into a useful spells that allows to be picked on newbie pub.
                          Tusk useless frozen sigil (maybe not useless on pros) into Tag Team that synergies with Walrus punch.
                          KOTL bland ulti (turning into spirits) changed into amusing Disco ball
                          IO can go to hell since he is now very unappealing to play
                          Dazzle old boring 'ulti' that make some kind of animation but looks like it has done nothing(eventhough it is useful)


                            Still, heroes that have dead skill set still existed and it's hard to changed, for example : Nature Prophet
                            NP sprout is basically useless early game since everyone have tangos or have 200 gold quelling blade
                            Teleportation is cool, but NP can only right click after TP
                            Nature call.. Converting trees into creep (really dude? I know it is useful, but for new player, what you gonna do if u find out that the hero they are using can only summon creep and it cost a lot of mana)
                            Wrath of nature deals minuscule dmg if you dont bounce it and sometimes if you try to bounce it, it doesnt reach in time or even worse, doesnt reach at all because it already bounced 18 times

                            Imanity - It's just a game



                                I don't think it would be good to just make all of the abilities nice and useful. Even though it sounds nice, it would break the balance of the game. Dota is not all about skill, but about decision making in-game and even before the game. You might be a very good player, but if you get a bad match up, you might as well lose your lane. Making all heroes equally powerful and making their abilities all good, will break dota's balance in my opinion

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                                R E T A R D

                                  Should show a picture of the win rate graphs and separate with a header when you're changing from Winners to Losers


                                    clinkz is dead :(


                                      Sad there is no mention of Meepo. Sure, his winrate is back around 50% but I think what happened in the last two weeks with him was worth mentioning.


                                        i think ss has actually been buffed.
                                        his jungling potential is actually a lot better now that his strom remnat damage got buffed a good amount.
                                        also bloodstone also gives you a lot more mana regen than it did before, and the fact that bloodstone is now a much more reliable item(the old one used to be where if u died once u essentially wasted 5k gold on a useless item)
                                        so maybe he got changed. i dont really feel any difference playing him tbh


                                          LAST BOYOS!


                                            Actually, its a 50/50% with Storm. His early game is a lot weaker and harder than the 7.19 but his late game is even stronger. New Yasha&Kaya on him makes him even more absurd zapper with his ultimate, due to the 16% mana loss reduction instead of 10% in the old kaya.

                                            THAT GUY

                                              I enjoy playing against Slark more than Pa at least.

                                              MM.Ugh Brock Hall


                                                I don't think there is any danger of that happening though. Low winrates of heroes hasn't stopped Icefrog from nerfing heroes who are too strong for their intended situation. It's ok that there are a lot of heroes that are generally ok rather than situationally great, because the game is relying on both macro and micro. The counterpoint to your point would be that making all heroes situationally great would reduce the demand for micro so much that you might as well be playing Artifact.

                                                Articulatio Atlantooccipital

                                                  Meepo 67% winrate change actually caused by a bug where all meepo gets 40*40*40*40 which is basicly straigth level 25 in just 1 kill. And that was one of the worst (yet quickest) bug in history of dota 2. Although the lifesteal somewhat went wild in some situation especially when 1 meepo ganked and the rest just beating the shit out of the enemy while healing the one being ganked.


                                                    Clinkz really have its worst this patch
                                                    Sven need some love to


                                                      "VP.Ramzes EVEN at 50% hp, jumps in and grabs the early double kill"

                                                      With lich's shield, even at 50% hp, he is more tanky than his normal self at 100% hp but thx


                                                        @Nep, I like Nature's Prophet just how he is. If you can't bounce the Wrath properly, it just means that you suck on the hero. The +2 bounces is a huge boost to the first couple of Wraths in the early-mid game.


                                                          @Naturang Propeta lol it's mostly RNG it's too unreliable the +2 bounces is useless if the target is already hit before the 12th bounce (which is 500 damage in lvl 3) or go into fog in 4 seconds.


                                                            Hello DotaBuff