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    Tiny was played partly because better heroes kept getting banned.

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      Time to show some love to my Huskar for a change... 1 game 0% winrate... Didn't get a single game in the previous TI. Why you nerfing my man constantly???


        buff cm pls

        Играю нестандартно

          Batrider strong hero? Interesting!!!! damage - zero, hp - zero, armor - zero, control - 1 skill witch 120 sec kd. If for you batrider imba you have max 60 iq
          P.S: no negative, but 1 sup witch dispel = -BR

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            well, i always try to use new hero, or other hero.
            a game, but can make desperate.
            i ever lose a game, and get so mad.
            i dont know why, but i get so mad.
            maybe because of i am too tired, tired body cause of work.
            and my minds blows