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    very usefull topic, thanks! most diff one is satanic vs heart, but u didnt mention when must purchase Heart


      How about diffusal blade, when do people build it? Although it's not a late game item.

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        if there was a "Late game heroes" topic, it would definitely help us. comparing Medusa vsTB - Spectre vsPhantom,....


          I think heart is only viable on certain niche heroes that can make use of the high hp it provides or wants the hp regen. With that in mind I think the only core that benefits from heart is probably Naga siren, if she is going for the split push playstyle. For supports, Io and Pugna definitely still benefit from heart late game, so that you can provide huge amount of healing to your core without losing significant amount of hp.


            Sorry for late response, @Warcraft.
            I honestly don't know when Heart is a good option. The way I think about it, is "when would I want Heart over Satanic?" and the answer is "never". I just can't think of a scenario where it is a better option, Illusion heroes aside, and even that is a bit debatable, to be honest. Naga, TB, PL and Spectre can all use extra status resistance and lifesteal on primary hero.

            Then I think "when would I want both Heart and Satanic?". This is even more of a "never" than before. Honestly, if you have both of those items you are going to be REALLY REALLY hard to kill, but so what? This much gold spent on survivability probably means you aren't a threat to the enemy, and they are free to ignore you.

            You can't really "draw aggro" in Dota, so every hero on the field has to do something. Being a Tanky McTankface isn't an option.


              How about you stop writing these stupid articles and talk about how DOTA 2 damages people's brains and ruins lives?



                Me parece muy bien el Dotabuff


                  Heart would be actually good on most strength heroes since they have high hp so the hp regen would be more useful in teamfights, maybe Huskar even, after Satanic.


                    Maybe Heart against Techies? It's better than Satanic in that scenario.


                      NO seriously, write an article about how DOTA 2 segregates players based on their behavior using an arbitrary system? What's good Kawaii socks they paying you big bucks to write nice things about a game no better than a casino?

                      i will survive!

                        Y'all complaining too much. Git gud son


                          @LordOfDeath wise words. Git gud twats


                            i play arc warden that always goes midas bots mkb satanic sny/halberd and i'm around 96% winrate using that specific build

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                              хуй знает, мидасик на огра и погнал


                                Heart is better on tanks that need to be in the midst of battle. Heroes like bristleback, centaur, timber etc.

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