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      good heroes


        what about Tidehunter?

        Dario Brando



            A post talked about Slardar and the reductuion of items that provide armor. I don't think 50 AoE in aghanims resulted in +4%.


              even without his XP talent Beastmaster is top tier, don't sleep on him


                Slardog is very strong in lane and eversince solar crest only give and reduces 8 armor, Slardar minus armor becomes the only powerful skill to reduce armor by a whopping 20 armor (or 25?). In the past you can just brush off slardar ulti by buying solar crest and what's more important 2 OF BOUNTY RUNE SPOT IS NOW ON WATER/RIVER and the fact that each of bounty rune spot are so far apart and easily contested, you need to contest the rune solo which is the most powerful part of slardar


                  I think the other reason for rise of slardar winrate is because physical ranged cores is strong with drow and venge, so armour reduction + stun + frontline is a good combo for that type of lineup. Also, sange now gives regen bonus, so slardar with aghs and halberd is very very tanky while in his puddle


                    Welp the removal of Mist Coil self deny is very likely the death of Abaddon 5

                    boomer in a zoomer world

                      no veno KEKW


                        veno and BB


                          пацаны а брюмаста вроде ваще имба


                            я винстрихом вон ужэ апаю птсы изи панерфите панду а то убевает всех на сваем пажылом пути

                            The Damned

                              Still love mars regardless.


                                Slardog+io so fckin strong with tether


                                  Tiny offlane has been great

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