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    I agree


      Sven and AA? That's the best you can do?

      Sven has always been a decent hero same with AA your article is meaningless.

      This article should be about Medusa or Necro tbh, that shit is broken AF.

      Tournament wasn't very diverse either, you could predict most draft picks without too much problems in many games. As I watched the broadcast I predicted a ton of picks... the meta is actually pretty bad. It was mostly all revolving around Drow and baiting out whether you were gonna ban or pick her. Then there were the pos 3-5s which were mostly super safe stun or team fight heroes with very little upside vs downside, basically safe picks cause teams don't know what's actually good for specific games. And then at the end of draft try to get like 1 super hero like Medusa or lose to it, that's basically the MDL event in a nutshell.

      Are you on Valve payroll? Your hero highlights and saying tournament was diverse seems like you have hidden agenda tbh, want to distract us like everything is great?

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        I hope what we can learn is that it's a terrible idea to spend four months on a patch that barely had any testing. I feel like it was obvious from the first week that completely ignoring armour is probably not balanced, yet here we are.




            Honestly the bi-weekly small patches are healthier for the pubs and the game in general, but not so much for the pro scene, so idk how valve is gonna balance this out

            MM.Ugh Brock Hall


              I don't think Valve sees that as a problem. They concentrate on the pro scene and I am staunchly in favor of the approach.


              It doesn't seem like that long ago Sven was being played as a support and lauded for his dispel. What do you see as the major reason for the favored role swap and talent swap? Or am I misremembering the dispel love?

              Lava, the hopeless weeb

                long stretches of the same patch make the game really stale for pubs but really strong for competitive. short amounts of time between patches make the game very fresh and exciting for pub players, but the pros can hardly adapt to a patch before the next one is out, which can lead to imbalanced heroes on both sides of the spectrum. Perhaps a set, 3 month period for each patch? If 7.21 only lasted 3 months, there would only be about a 2-week window where pubs and pro games alike would be flooded with drow, which I think is adequate for a hero regardless of how cancer it is.


                  Not diverse. Doom every game. Everything revolved around Drow or Medusa. Pick drow won the game. Drow, Medusa, Doom, and id still say viper, need a serious nerf hammer.

                  MM.Ugh Brock Hall

                    Drow won 51% of the games she was picked. She was picked 27 times, and Doom was picked 30 times with an even 50% wr. Despite the high contest rate, the overall win% for picking or banning Drow or Doom was under 50%.

                    The contest winrates for Shadow Shaman (37 contests) Dark Seer (74) Batrider (53) and Earthshaker (39) were all above 50%, and more importantly, their pick winrates were all above 60%, and all had more than 20 games played.

                    I gotta say, these aren't the results I expected.


                      abbadon pos 3 is dead?