Truesight analyzes Dota 2 matches to provide incredibly detailed statistics.

Builds détaillés

TrueSight détaille l'item build exact pour chaque joueur dans le match, montrant les timings et les achats multiples.

Économie des victimes et des morts

See how Gold changes hands from kills, assists, deaths, suicides and buybacks.

Rivalité sur les victimes

Color coding and heat maps quickly show the story of who killed who during a match.

Tendances sur le farm

Des graphiques et des tableaux faciles à lire vous montrent exactement quand chaque joueur a gagné son or, son expérience ou ses coups fatals.

Timings des objets

Compare the times players acquired key items to understand how power gains may have affected the game.

Graphique sur le farm

Minute-by-minute comparison of last hits, gold and experience helps identify winning lanes and matchups.

Statistiques sur la vision

Complete analysis of vision including wards, dust, smoke and gems give support players the statistical tools they have been craving.

Statistiques objectives

Compare tower and barracks kills and denies, structure damage and Aegis, Cheese and Rune objectives.

Fiche de combat détaillée

Custom tailored and filterable combat logs explain how different types of events lead to a swing in advantage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Qu'est ce que TrueSight ?

TrueSight is a match analysis platform for Dota 2. After your Dota 2 match completes, TrueSight automatically downloads the replay file and goes to work gathering detailed statistics far beyond what is normally available. Matches that have been analyzed with TrueSight have new tabs filled with additional statistics designed to help you get the most out of each match.

Pourquoi est-ce utile ?

The statistics and comparative views that TrueSight provides are designed to take the grunt work out of match analysis. Instead of downloading and queueing up the replay for your last match, simply navigate to the match page on Dotabuff. New page tabs such as "Kills", "Farm" and "Vision" show you a detailed summary of what happened. Additionally, each match has a detailed event log to help identify important events.

Pour qui est-ce ?

TrueSight was developed to satisfy the needs of hardcore players who review their matches, or players who don't review their matches due to a lack of time or energy. With TrueSight you can quickly understand what happened, identify areas for improvement and move on to your next match. It also provides a great way for friends or other community members to give feedback on your matches without needing to download the replay for themselves.

Comment est-ce que je peux avoir mes matchs analysés avec TrueSight ?

TrueSight automatically analyzes all tournament (Esports) matches, matches with one or more joueurs vérifiés and matches with one or more Abonnés Plus. TrueSight analysis is publicly available for all tournament matches. Dotabuff Plus is required for analysis of your personal matches.

Combien de temps met TrueSight pour analyser un match ?

TrueSight automatically begins downloading and analyzing your matches as soon as they are played. Because it uses both the Dota 2 API and Dota 2 replay servers, match analysis is subject to their availability. Normally match analysis should only take a few minutes. It could take longer if the Dota 2 network is experiencing difficulties.

Why can't you analyze my personal matches without Plus?

We've made great efforts to make TrueSight both incredibly detailed and accurate. As a side effect, it uses a lot of computing and storage resources. Parsing all Dota 2 matches (there are sometimes thousands per minute) simply isn't possible at this time. We currently have plans to add great public features based on the data from Truesight, such as new categories of detailed aggregate statistics. Plus subscribers don't only help support Dotabuff, but will also be helping the community by providing anonymous data used for these advanced statistics.

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