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Is this the right way to climb mmr? in General Discussion
Rusty Ken

    Hi guys recently I’ve been spamming a few heroes that worked for me to climb mmr, most notably, sniper or tinker mid, or snapfire 4, 5 and it seemed to work really well (esp sniper and tinker mid). My question is, let’s say I do manage to climb a significant amount, do I actually deserve the mmr I’ve climbed up till? Or will it bite me back in the ass later.

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      What's the purpose of your climb?
      What you plan to do once you reach the xxxx amount of mmr?

      Answer those and you get your answer.

      juhn (despair)

        swag up brother


          @tv/adgoku24 idiot legend

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            40% win rate smurf said something?


              just enjoyer

              (◣_◢) blessRNG



                  abusing tinker is never good for your real skill


                    Hello, I would like you to help me with my problem to raise mmr, I think that I am a good carry because I farm very fast, I try not to die a lot, I fight intelligently, I always have objectives, besides that my net value at 20 min most of the time is 10K+, but in most of my games the game pairs me with too toxic players who steal my farm, use their abilities to make me die, cover neutral fields with wards and do many things, despite that I try to play better, Even if I'm the only one who wants to win, I don't give up and try to win, the maximum I've become is Legend III but I've fallen too low for those reasons. Drow ranger is my best hero that I control perfectly but besides her in case she gets banned I have five more carrys that I can use very well.
                    When I run out of games for the role queue I play support that I master many heroes for that role and for off and mid too. so, Any advice to raise my mmr?

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                      ^ just get good.
                      Your skills reflect your mmr.


                        there is no "worth mmr or not"
                        if you are able to climb constantly, without cheats or boost, then you deserved it
                        tinker is kinda scummy but, a climb is a climb


                          What the fuck is this question


                            just spam 3 heroes maximum, one support, 2 core

                            rice farmer

                              once you reach your peak MMR, you buy a smurf and repeat the process until you finally get a life, have a job, get a wife and have kids. then you download mobile legends and play that on your ipad because games are short and since you have an annoying ass wife that always wants you to spend money on shit. then you get fucked when she divorces you for her bull named tyrone and you jerk off to anime porn while paying child support and getting your wages garnished while you live out the rest of your wagecuck life

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                                ^^that sounds way to specific, like someone is speaking from a very tragic experience. xD

                                rice farmer

                                  couldn't be me, I don't have kids, but my wife plays mobile legends and I play that with her sometimes. we aren't going to be having kids until I'm 40 and she's 35 because all my friends have kids and they are miserable ( 12 more years for me i'm 28, she's 23)

                                  also i have big penis like tyrone so she will never leave me

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                                    ^^ Good for you