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    Why do noobs play dota just to give up at 10-15 minute mark when all raxes are still up? Every time there's a dumb noob or two that starts throwing shortly after the game starts. If dota can't keep you entertained go find some different game you stup!d f*cking noobs!


      Guardian calling others noob...oh the irony.


        If your performance is top notch, then your teammates will follow the pace of the game that YOU provide. Unless you make game losing mistakes ofc. Your own performance can make that people care more if they see that the game is winnable. Your scores gives me a vibe of a very passive playstyle from you. As an offlaner you are supposed to make space for your carry.

        Also how often do you experience such games realisticaly? Isnt that just an excuse? I mean what do you expect from guardian players? Good dota and strong minds keeping PMA and fighting till the end? Oh come on.

        and this game :

        Why you pick kunkka core here? Why not proper offlaner ? You would win easily. CS is okish for a guardian, but your item build suck ass. BF ???? For what?? 1 : 5 in 55 min game and you wonder why PA gave up? Where is your bkb ? Where is your heart or Aeon disk to survive Chrono? Where is halberd ? Where is your Aghanim? Kunkka's scepter is one of the best in game.

        You had 80% chance to win that game on picks. Just rush halberd, bkb, agha. You are not supposed to kill them but control them as the offlaner.

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          Play mid and set the pace, usually can win bc team sees ur big dick and knows they got a chad instead of a cuck.

          When people see cuck players, they know they are physically uncapable of playing well because they are anxiety ridden, ADHD medicated, LOW T players that avoid risk at all costs, because they are not risk takers. In return they will gladly hand you the map so you can do as you please. They also lack all the attributes of a masculine alpha male, so if they come within proximity of an alpha chad, they turn around, bend over and offer their ass as a peace offering, hoping he will have his way and continue on, no need to fight back because they run from conflict and despise when someone actually comes in with a game plan and makes them look retarded.

          Cuck players often will go afk farm in jungle because they know they can safely kill them and they don't put up too much of a fight.

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          QUE DANO
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                I just saw the game lex linked.
                I've seen BF, to amp meele range cleave, Satanic for burst heal and dispel, but never a basher on kunka in my 8k hours of dota 2.
                Literally, the whole gimmick with Kunka is just AOE CC or if you going for meme build, it's one shot cleave(sb,3xdaed,travels,rapier).

                If you can't even itemize on a simple hero like that, this won't be a stretch to assume that you play even worse.
                I think it's more of ppl giving up when playing with you, rather than ppl giving up easily. XD


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                              lmfao basher on Kunkka, I've seen it all. Kunkka has like negative attack speed rofl


                                All I can do is laugh at you. Angry low skilled salty animal, who can only resort to racial insults since your low IQ brain is only capable of that.
                                Either you haven't played dota in like a year or so and are just sitting in these forums throwing racial insults, which is pathetic.
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                                    That's about what I expected. I'm looking forward to the day when that single braincell of yours can manage to come up with a better insult.


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                                              Kowareta is nowhere near my level, so please stop dragging me through mud. xD

                                              Also, funnily enough, I've interacted with many low mmr players on this forums. On good terms with most, the only ones that earn that right to get insulted are the real salty angry dogs. If you managed to scroll above, you'd notice I'm not the one who started with the insults. But then again, expecting salty angry dogs, to be able to read and understand context is too much.