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    Does anyone else think that Dawnbreaker does way too much? She literally has a global presence, mobility, a stun that wrecks illusions and gives her a bkb, and she feels strong at all stages of the game. I think she needs to be nerfed to the ground. Personally I'd delete her because she just feels out of place in dota 2.

    Queso Parmesano

      >out of place on a game where you had 2014 centaur fucking warrunner doing 1500 damage by pressing R with two tarrasques
      >or arc memewarden with ten billion fucking ghosts
      >or blade mail skywraths builds from 7.08
      >or fucking dota in 7.00 with 40% exp talents
      >or even mcfucking elder titan pressing W and winning lanes on patch day

      lmao no, not out place, she's just overtuned.

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        nope, there are a lot of ways to counter DB.

        back in fucking herald^

          Cheesy pos 4 could feel op,not so strong as pos 3 in my opinion


            ya, she looks weak. but, annoying enough. So many skills.


              i agree that new heroes in general have a lot of text on their spells. Compare a very old hero like Lion who has been buffed many times now to be even remotley relevant and his kit still is rather bland in comparison. Dawns ult alone is busted in higher brackets due to global presence and how important positioning is. She dominates lanes, has good talents, good aghs, one of the best shards. She has a slow attached to a mobility spell, and is rather tanky. there is very few things that she is bad at. She can even be a core and scale well. Marci was similiar for a while as well. even look at hoodwinks abilities and all the little things every spell does, its just the way DOTA is moving, the heroes become more complex.


                Rn you can literally play her in all 5 positions, so yes probably overtuned. Out of place though? No, Dota has always been the game where everything is broken


                  appljack, to much too think, when i play, what i know is controlling my char to its outmost. escaping, defending.

                  ridan, yea its broken and tirefull. i admit the most heavy things to do is playing dota.