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    Hello, Im offering coaching for all roles for an affordable price, 8Kmmr player. We'll go about everything you need to know to improve/climb/understand the game. Laning stage, draft, timings, etc. I play any role, specialize in offlane, you can check my dotabuff or add on steam: 860599679

    I can coach battlecup parties too, do a live game session, all for 10$/Hour. Accept Paypal. Dm on discord or reddit if youre interested! innuendo98#5587

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          Do you have a twitch account?? I'm not gonna take a coaching session, I'm just curious.


            Hopefully will start streaming when I save enough money for a better pc :')


              i could stream with 760 ti i5-4670 and 2x4gb ddr3. I dont what ure talking about, unless uve worse PC than this. U can always go with lower quality on twitch stream from OBS options.