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Anyone want some free boosting? in General Discussion

    So I got banned for a week after playing drunk and feeding like mad but I still want to play some dots. I always wanted to experience the sub 1k mmr trench before so if anyone want some free boosting service this week I am down for it. My MMR is currently 5.5k ( after a big loss streak dropped from imortal )

    tx !

    Tom Hanx


      we must move forward

        He will steal ur account!
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          there is an option to make all your itens untradable on steam so I guess its pretty safe bru


            Yes, its pretty safe if u disable ur steam guard, trade wont hapen


              wtf no one want to get boosted ?

              Tom Hanx

                yes, NO.


                  May you boost me?


                    I woudnt play in the ancient bracket even if I was getting paid sry

                    levan polka plays in my head

                      xD too funny

                      nice impact

                        just buy an account lol


                          because im brazilian and 1 dollar is 3 days worth of food

                          nice impact

                            damn now i wanna buy you an account