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    Hi guys,

    I really love this hero and was wondering if someone has some tips for me how to play better with it. Im an Archon player which plays only at weekends. Cheers!

    Ayaneru   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      Install a techies script


        Go watch elwono and his techies video. Was really fun and informative. That being said, my only tips is that you always look at the map for any boom triggered (or disarmed) and always put your bomb in the hidden from plain sight (highground, near the trees unless defending tower).


          start out with robotvice techies videos and travoman replays and invent your own techies style after hundered games of experience


            fuck those archon youtube channels that play unranked all pick on NA servers



              I had acc just to play techies too to see commend/reports, one interesting fact i got is that Europe servers hate techies and often they report you for no reason, this won't happened on Australia server.

              Techies is support i made best stats with, didn't expect that at all!

              Hes not good hero for newbies, maybe for fun only but if you wanna win games - the hero is kinda complicated, there is so many things you can do (control different part of map etc)

              I have done rampage on techies too, and i don't have done that with many heroes!

              In my opinion tech is cheesy hero, like a wisp, brood or for example pugna.

              In lower brackets, you need strongest hard carry picks on your team (you pretty much making any game longer)

              Be good all around at dota, hes complex hero good at any stage if you know.

              Most important to be able to play him well is stacking bombs so learn that asap.

              AD.GokU™ |

                I spammed techies in ranked from 1.7k to 3.5k(when he was op, prox mines were newly introduced). The way I played techies is sacrificial p5. You invest every little bit of gold you have into making sure your team has vision. You keep blasting lane enemies(without fucking up the lane equilibrium). Techies has low dependency on items so gold is not much of an issue. Also, with the proximity mines you can flash farm, even more better if you steal the farm from enemy jungle.
                Hardest part of techies is to be able to read the flow of game. The ability to guess which lane the enemy will push after 2-3 mins.
                You guess the lane enemy will push and start mining in that lane 1 min prior(7 green mines). Choose a mining spot where the chances of dropping sentries is minimal.(Ex. when enemy pushes T1, they barely expect mines right behind T1, you can fake defend/try to deny and force them behind that tower)
                Techies play in nutshell is "outplaying your enemy". The feeling of guessing every single movement of enemy and fucking them over is just priceless. By extension, it gets harder to predict movements of better players.
                Also, Statis trap is very underrated.