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HOW TO REACH 5K???? in General Discussion

    Anw i'm stuck 4500- 4600 anyone here high ranks can give me some good tips and good heroes to grind 5k - 6k hehe ?? TY for infoss.. I'm playing pos 4,5 only hehe


      Play party with legend or archon players and u will reach it


        Become a better player

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          Patience. It took me 2k games to reach that. All I can say is study the game, who is strong and who is not in the current patch. Take breaks especially if you begin to lose 2-3 straight games. Play a rotation of maybe around 5 or so heroes. Learning to play all 100+ heroes and masterning none will not help you achieve your goal. Do not flame and blame team.


            Your hero pool is kinda weak the supports you play do not compare to a Disruptor/Sky who don't need to rely on their team to initiate or do damage to kill cores.

            Pos4 also has a lot choices to make in lane it's worth re-watching your replays and make sure you are doing the right thing.


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                I agree with RXtrme64. My hero Disruptor is a good pick nowadays. But I've never felt him to be a bad pick even if not meta so I spam the shit out of him


                  4.5k is not 5k btw :)


                    oHH MAN I REACH DIVINE 1 yesterday but i lose 5 games and down ancient 5 wtf is this real now? u can back low medal if u lose more mmr?


                      Welcome to Shanghai Shit Show, EMMjOHN


                        читверха брюмаста жоскей ваще папробуй батинак сначало пустой пакупаиш патом медас и радех сразу те канешна рипотекуав кинуцт зато пафанешся


                          The real advice is what bbx said. Just get better. There's a lot of ways you can get better. Watch high ranked players' replays, read guides, think about what you could do better. At your rank the most common problem I see are static players - static in itemization, static in lane, static in strategy and tactics. To get better start making choices, and make them faster and faster.

                          For example: don't wait to see an enemy on the map to start walking towards them for a gank. Predict where the enemy will be and be there before they knew where they were going. at your rank it's not too difficult - just shove in a lane and wait for the inevitable stray carry to meander in and farm the wave.


                            stop sucking retard

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                              ^I am amazed how an Immortal gave a sensible response, while you, a fucking Crusader Scrub, is the one to talk like that. no wonder you are there where you are.


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                                  First and foremost, maintain an attitude of 1v9ing every game. Dont waste energy blaming your teammates for mistakes that they do and focus on your gameplay. You will eventually become a better player this way . Its simple : if you perform like a 5k-6k in the 4k bracket you will definitely win more than 70% of your games in that bracket.


                                    Know what your win conditions are and meet them. Find out whats killing YOU in your teamfights, and figure out what item will prevent that. Job as support is to get out all your spells, if you are dying before that happens because you have 20cs at 30 mins and only boots, youre basically a creep.

                                    prono's mom

                                      4,5k players are the best to listen to if u want to get 5k


                                        I was 5k and now i climbed to 4k . Never take the blame ,thats the recipe for success.


                                          why this animals dont understand if you are not 5k you cant give anyone advice about how to get it. its so fucking simple. how retarded this community is???


                                            For me worked - dont be passive. Always think about your next move and MAKE STACKS. Literally no one makes stacks. Or if you play a roamer, try to win offlane and mid.

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                                              Shut up trash. No way you can reach 5k mmr with your mistakes doing over and over again you won't be going anywhere. Stay 4k forever pig.


                                                bambooni ,you arent 5k either why the fuck do you post here


                                                  I've been there before and now sh*t up and don't talk to me like you know me


                                                    I've played enough dota from 3k mmr to 5k mmr solo with no boosting and no complaining. People are doing the same mistakes in no matter bracket over and over again. If u die 3 times in your laning phase your team will flame you. If you die any time your team will flame you. Im tired of fighting with the people who do the same mistakes over and over again and they don't think I'm the problem you are. Now sht up up and play in your bracket. If you make mistakes your support will leave you if the enemy team gangs you youll get no help over and over again


                                                      calm down baby, all accbuyers where high mmr one day too.
                                                      you were 5k before??? is that valid to you?? being 5k x years ago doesnt mean you know how to reach 5k nowadays. dota changes. players are improving. you think heralds are like before? they fucking use smokes and wards nowadays.


                                                        this is like people who won champions league, europle league or dota 2 ti were never 5k or good. ROFL. Even ancients dont use smoke.


                                                          nobody said they never were good , moron. they were good at those times. but their strategies to achieve those successes are not valid anymore. everything is changed . ppl are better now. you dont admire them for having the best strategies ever, u admire them for being the best in their times. so fucking stupid actually.

                                                          nobody said you were never 5k. u are not 5k now and it means u dont know how to be 5k nowadays. very simple.


                                                            so you are comparing football with dota ? lmao
                                                            Last time I checked football didnt have a change of rules or patches like ever...
                                                            Your comparison is garbage and you are just proving how dumb you are

                                                            Chebo DeboosT

                                                              get behavior score 10 000 , not 9990 , and play core farm 2hours

                                                              Linus 리누스

                                                                @best Venge EU. They change a bit of the rules every year. Your argument just became invalid but you're kind of right, it isn't as drastic as dota patches.

                                                                Linus 리누스

                                                                  @best Venge EU. They change a bit of the rules every year. Your argument just became invalid but you're kind of right, it isn't as drastic as dota patches.

                                                                  venz(NEED MOTIVATION)

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