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    Guys? What do u pick in situations when u have to pick first?
    What is your universal 5 pos hero that can help to comeback your team no matter what enemy team picks in case u have 2 lines lost?

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      For me.trent nyx disruptor is good


        right now bane is working for me
        before that venge
        before that kotl, unding and zeus depending on the meta


          I climbed from Archon to Ancient in 2 weeks playing Winter wyvern Pos 5. So just pick WW.

          Dota not fun

            Bane is really good now
            If you're looking for a support that scales steadily throughout the game(then comeback), pick supports with CC and BKB pierce/counter.
            Warlock, WW, Treant and Disruptor.

            Personally, winning lanes makes the game easier so my picks are always strong in early game. Like Bane, Undying, Shaman, Sky, and Ogre.

            Do avoid Phoenix and Silencer, their lane sucks and their ults are not as good.


              Buy GLIMMER CAPE and FORCESTAFF, use them on the right timing to save your team. Boom, you are now a good support

              Sygma zxc ghoul cursed in...

                Bane, ww, dis.

                Or do like me : spam willow.


                  Currently jakiro ww


                    i personally use lion , pudge , abadon , venge heroes that can save people in somekind of way and/or frontline


                      Adding Lich to the list.


                        I like luna ^^ Will try viper next

                        Natalie Sup'Portman

                          Right now, Jakiro, WW, Phoenix and Bane are working out best for me. I don't agree with "Fuck Snipers" on the fact that Egg and global silence is bad, it's just more situational. You have Snapfire which completely dumpsters the egg, but that can always be played aorund. Global silence is just always good.

                          Bane = BKB piercing disable, situational save, long CCs and a strong lane game.
                          Phoenix destroys lanes and can make a teamfight on his own
                          Jakiro is versatile, strong teamfight and decent lane.
                          WW can win games with curse (or wreck them lol) and her kit is just overall nice right now.


                            Thank you guys for the feedback, i downloaded few replays, I watched them and I got ur point.


                              I like dark willow and lich suggestions.
                              I don't like bane, nyx, lion, skywrath mage, pudge.

                              Disruptor, Warlock, Winter Wyvern are my favourites right now. Also Oracle, very situative.

                              Experimental picks: Abbadon and Phoenix, I need more replays to watch on these heroes, unfamiliar. I'll check ur profiles for replays.

                              Thank you again guys!

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                                what you pick is the last thing matters in your mmr buddy
                                stop pretending and get good at playing the game instead of switching heroes

                                rus = all bitch

                                  Silencer and snapfire and ench are my favorite pos 5 heroes atm


                                    The question has nothing to do with rank, and I made the same question some patches ago.
                                    These type of questions are better than "How to get to VHS" threads.

                                    prono's mom



                                        Silencer, in case your carry sucks, go carry yourself


                                          ass stunt "GUYS why WOUDL u EVER PLAY SUPPORT?!! U ARE litERALLY NOOB BECAUSE U HAVE TO GET CARRIED TO WIN LMAO!!"

                                          I smiled :)


                                            Natalie Sup'Portman
                                            Wow!!! I tried Phoenix and it works for me!
                                            I mean it doesn't work as well as I want but I have a feeling that is the right way to go upper than 2.7k (before that with my heropool I was up to 2.7 then down then again up).
                                            I just need ~50 more games with Phoenix and I will make it to Legend bracket.
                                            Just big THX!!!

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