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General DiscussionWhat do you think about Team Nigma now ?

What do you think about Team Nigma now ? in General Discussion
love yourz

    Im a big fan of Kuro, Miracle, Gh and MC

    But i think that they are not playing at an high competitive level anymore.. or maybe it is really just the draft?

    Do you guys think that they are gonna get disolved/reshuffled?

    What do you think?

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      love how you didnt include w33 there

      to be fair, I think they definitely can still make it work, but w33 needs to step up and stop overextending too much, and Kuroky needs to get with the meta and draft properly.

      Then again I'm just Legend so


        they are solid team will probably get atleast top 5 in ti


          Just my opinion but they shouldve probably hired sumail .


            losing to loliance

            matu kicked for this


              Im so happy that Matu is rekting everyone with Secret while Shitgma can't quailfy for a minor .
              How did they think he was the problem , retards.


                That alliance vs nigma match was wowowowowiwiiwowowow


                  First picking Slardar in game 4, okay. But then again first picking slardar in game 5 and getting wiped again is kinda dumb. So they deserve their loss.


                    nigma balls


                      Nigma are good (they're back). Im an alliance fan, but in there were some bad item choices(nigma side). I would like to see ember having a bkb early and fighting together with TA on game 4. But he was probably worried if I get lasso'd bkb or not I die and for that he didn't get it, but still. They know better than me what they need to do. But alliance was taking the fights and pick offs better than nigma in that game.


                        They couldn't qualify to a minor how are they good? Aliance is ok team but they are also not a top tier team

                        mode farm

                          WHAT DO YA MEAN THAT EMINEM IS NOT A TOP TIER PLAYER??? anyway kuro is getting outdrafted more often lmao


                            Szkoda mi trochę Nigmy , mam nadzieję że się obudzą !!! W meczu z Aliance Miracle trochę zawiódł


                              They are having bad streak now, but sometimes it doesnt work for some teams. Look at OG - they were having troubles getting to majors, being succesful there (best was 3rd place in last 2 years), only true success were 2 minors.

                              And they won last 2 TIs.


                                The problem is miracle pos1. He is good at mid

                                Dota not fun

                                  Losing to FATA pos 5


                                    u need to beat alliance,og,secret, liquid, nip in order to qualify in the major. EU is not an easy region at all. Probably teams will try hard more if there're less EU slots like 2 for major and 1 for minor, but still.
                                    Or make it like the football. Europe league and Championship league. The winner from EL goes to CL. In order to qualify in CL u need to have "X" amount of points and if u are for example in the other half from 20 teams top 10 goes to CL and bottom 10 goes to EL. And the winner from EL goes to CL from SEA,EU, China, NA, SA. And for example the strongest region have more slots (to be determinated the TI winner for example) and the location to be different for TI every year. And for example all these matches could be played at LAN.

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                                    rus = all bitch

                                      Why there is only one EU slot for minor?? While NA has 2


                                        @bambooni other esports are also switching to this. I think that system is the most ideal. Would need to shorten the seasons to like 3-6 months or something to give tier 2 teams more of a chance for promotion. (Have a major or w/e at the end of each season) If short seasons idk how to decide who goes to ti is all.


                                          I dont know. Either make it like Uefa or make more tournaments. Like the winner of this tournament go to a minor or major depending on the tournament.


                                            W tych eliminacjach silne drużyny przeszły bez problemów , Secret , OG Widocznie Nigma musi poprawić draft

                                            Road to legend

                                              Kuroky always finds a way to lose to Alliance game 5 of grand finals KEKW

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                                                This did not age well.