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General DiscussionIs pos 3 void even possible now?

Is pos 3 void even possible now? in General Discussion
*screams in Russian*

    Used to love playing void offlane, was one of my best heroes when it was a thing. But I feel like the hero is 100% a carry now and picking it pos 3 is reportable.

    Unless someone with much higher MMR than me can tell me how it can work. Only thing I can think of is the timewalk range talent with a blink, gives you like 2375 range of jump/catch which sounds amazing until you realize no one else on your team can go that far that fast.


      Only if you build hotd into necro 3


        Just build Auras and aghs and force your team to pick heroes like sky/zeus/dp/invoker or whatever that can do high dmg in chrono.
        Run in and make the other team throw everything at you, timewalk the dmg because you're not squishy like a carry void then proceed to 5man ult, Easy asf

        wtf jhin zhao

          Chrono and time dilation cd 10 years


            Pos 3 is utility initiator just stop creating bad habits and play dota like a normal person, you can meme if you are good enough or smurfing or playing unranked, stop wasting your teammates time!


              Still viable. Vlads dag aghs. Just pick the hero if it fits your team.


                Anything can work bellow 5k

                ЈЕБЕНА ЖИВОТИЊА

                  ^ If you are good enough, if you are not you need all the help you can get, drafting good, itemizing good etc.

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                    every thing can work if u know how to do it, but u dont u are crusader.