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    Solo queed today as hard support :

    Tinker rank 2800
    PL rank 2600
    Ember rank 3k
    Tiny rank 1.5k

    Others are divine 5/7 and willow,vengeful were immortal too. How the fuck is ancient 5 matched with immortals ?

    I enjoyed game btw,played rly nice and we won the game easily,but wtf matchmaking?

    Also,before the season ended ,but the game crashed .

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      Calibration up to 5k mmr bro

        ya i had this too, that was weird, im the only anc 1 and enemy is 4 divine, 1 anc 7
        but this game gave me motivation to keep playing and get my ass out of this shitty anshit bracket

        -25 please win

          thats how matchmaking works with it


            thats better than have to play with 4 ancient 1-3 as devine-immortal