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    can night stalker even have counter?? im addicted

    Marko Bulat

      Yes, kotl and Phoenix can cuck your ult with theirs, any disable until you get bkb, forcestaffs, glimmers, atos, venge can bully you in lane, popular OP carries this patch naix and ursa dont really care about you, also CK and troll will blow you up. Daylight sucka dicks also.

      What makes him good atm is just a surprise factor, people dont know how good that hero is, so they focus on other stuff, then night comes and they are like "WTF is this shit???" So enjoy until they learn and srart playing around you.


        5 manning and pushing just fucks him up.

        He is pretty much the same as bounty hunter or riki - does very little to enemy team when they are pushing. He doesnt have stun, he has just ministun and silence, which is negated if the team is split during the push. And he has to get to you to silence, which expects either some mobility item or to walk to you.

        If you pick early game heroes and have a push, he cant do pretty much anything, especially as offlaner - the enemy team is missing probably some big teamfighter (Cent, axe, tide, underlord etc), so it is very hard for them to challenge you. So I would suggest going for death ball and just push them into the base, rosh and HG push.

        If you pick greedy cores of course you will have issues - night stalker has very good talents, which make him one of the strongest 1x1 heroes, who can 1x1 even 6slotted AM (and win) with just basher and nulifier. But early game vs 5 heroes pushing? He can run forward and die on disables and damage.

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        Marko Bulat

          Witch makes him perfect for your bracket, just stop playing him as a carry he is a fucking pos4!

           KS.Zen 

            Pos4 in manta herald bracket maybe. The hero doesn't offer anything as a pos4. Why the fuck would I pick that shit over Clockwerk, EarthSpirit or Grimstroke?


              I'm switching between 3 and 4 being 5 man push really is hard cant do sht especially on day time he may run 520 ms night time but still kiteable and disable fcks him without bkb


                u 4k player got winstreak or what?