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General DiscussionWhy did Omniknight's winrate drop so far?

Why did Omniknight's winrate drop so far? in General Discussion

    It's been a long time since I played.
    Omniknight use to have the highest winrate in the game at about 60%. But nobody really liked playing him much and he had no presence in pro games, so he went untouched.

    I don't understand why his winrate is now so low, even though if anything he seems to have gotten buffs.


      cuz repel isn't on cooldown for only 2 seconds anymore. He got harder to play, so newbs stopped getting ez wins with him.


        its the cast range nerf, hard to positioning, ez to picked off by enemy carry since omni always first target


          Besides nerfs 2-1-2 meta is not a proper one for a hero who requires solo xp

          Ayase ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

            Support omniknight is bad nowadays.

            But a carry omniknight is still good. His talents are one of the best in the game imo.


              I always assumed, based on siractionslacks guide (and my own experience doing what his guide suggested with success), that the real reason omniknight had such high winrates was because his ultimate was a braindead easy way to win teamfights no matter how bad your team was.

              So are you telling me the reason he was really overpowered all along wasn't because of his ult, but because of repel?

              Maybe at higher elo, but that can't be the reason at average or lower elo (because they wouldn't know how or when to use it well, and their teammates aren't reliable or good enough to carry based solely on your healing and repelling).

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                His heal cd was 8 seconds yoo
                He had 6 armour halloooo
                2-1-2 xp leaching meta exdee


                  99999999 nerfs before and meta changes killed him