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How is this possible? in General Discussion

    What exactly i dont get it?

    daily dose of dopamine

      Almost 14.000 matches and guy is crusader 4.

      That's like barely 2k MMR.


        Well dota is for some people just a game they play it casualy to kill some time and for some a way of life and they want to improve in every aspect of it.

        ITs like gym, there is a guy that goes there 5 years practice on his own and eat what he likes, he has no progress and there is other guy who reads every fitness article and watches diet etc and he made 3 times more progress in 6 months and surpased first guy long time ago.

        Some people dont care and play casually some do, i mean who cares its just a game at the end of the day.

        ALso some Divine dude can enter here and say "you got almoast 6k matches and you are still 4k trash?" everything is in perception. ^^

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        daily dose of dopamine

          There's still a difference between being 4k after 6000 matches and being barely 2k. Let's be real. Getting past 4k for someone is a challange. I struggle to understand how is it a challange to get at least 3k mmr after 14000 matches

          Abyss Watcher(pos 4)

            lmao, 14k matches in A VIDEO GAME. Thats roughly 13000 to 14000 hours wasted

            kid is gone

              lmao, 30 years in A BIOLOGICAL METABOLISM SELF-SUSTAIN GAME. Thats roughly 300000 to 400000 hours wasted

              Juanito Platano

                I agree with Harold, dota is not for everyone. Dota isn't for me, even though I only have 1200 ranked matches I am still low 3k and won't go further probably with my life getting busier and other projects and responsabilities arise

                It's not like everyone could be a 6k mmr player, some people don't have the time, some don't have the brain, I don't think I have any, this guy clearly has time but just lacks the brain

                kid is gone

                  low 3k after 1.2k matches isn't terrible

                  I love fisting

                    I play a lot of overwatch but am like silver tier in it. Not all are meant for greatness and sometimes a video game is played for fun and not for points.

                    Tony Redgrave

                      Its like football man, just a game, some people are below average skilled at it and still plays them their entire life cause they prob had fun


                        Well it's all perspective. Cookie will look at you and wonder how you're not already 6k god like him after 1 year. Kitrak thinks u should be 7k with minimal effort. You think it's not difficult to get 3k after 4000 matches, being 4k yourself.


                          its because thats an actual subhuman

                          Ór Ymis Holdi

                            low IQ and not bekng able to play any hero because he picks random heros

                            Rip Tide

                              Maybe there are multiple people who play that account.


                                Not sure why people feel the need to make topics about how much a person has played the game with regards to their rank. I think someone needs to work on their self esteem

                                He who knows does not speak

                                  Tbh I usually don't judge like this but it's because the guy is a low IQ asshole. He blames everyone but himself. He's right where he belongs...


                                    You don't even know the person, why he is playing the game or what's his purpose in the game. Making assumptions based on his profile is stupidity, it's like judging a book by it's cover.


                                      If you ever wanted the definition of dunning kruger then look no further than at ya boi young scientist.


                                        I don't like killing monsters in game.
                                        I almost feel bad for them.
                                        Maybe that explains why I am not really that good at last hitting.

                                        -Young Scientist


                                          Definition of subhuman.

                                          Gaben, give me HERALD 0 now!

                                            I think someone needs to work on their self esteem


                                              just don't forget that nearly 50% of america voted for trump

                                              daily dose of dopamine

                                                I'm legitimately confused how can someone be 2k MMR after 14.000 matches.

                                                I don't have any intentions towards offending anyone. I made this topic for civil discussion, because I never seen something like this.

                                                I've seen people having lots of games and being average at this game, but this guy is after 14.000 matches literally below average, which is quite surprising for me.

                                                With that being said, lots of people calling him subhuman just says lots about them.


                                                  How can some1 be 4 k after 6 k matches ?


                                                    He kinda is average


                                                    Gaben, give me HERALD 0 now!

                                                      Reminder that this person has no grasp of the concept of "casual gamer".


                                                        ^lol this vertoxity dude is really passionate about this game huh. What next you gonna make a thread on Reddit about how small our Profile pictures are? Lewl.

                                                        daily dose of dopamine

                                                          What's the issue? Because of me and many other people, valve actually moved back old medal a bit.

                                                          @ shrine

                                                          Why not? It's not like everyone's supposed to be 5k or 6k. Many people are low 4k/mid 4k after many matches.

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                                                          Story Time

                                                            the rank gives you absolutely nothing in real life, so why you really bother about it?


                                                              Depends what's your goals. Im barely 4k after 5000 games and I don't give a fuck. I enjoy game and I'm aware im not that good. So w/e

                                                              This was posted by the OP in this thread a day back. Kind of ironic if you think about it.

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                                                              daily dose of dopamine

                                                                I was just curious, as I said. I never actually blamed him. Curiosity, people. Nothing else. Apprently it's just easier to circlejerk here. : 0 )