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    Guys. I need help on how get out of 1k mmr toxic tier.

    If i take mid, normally my team will have 1 more idiot who comes mid with me. If i pick carry, there will be no support and there will be a jungler on my team, so i am always fighting a 1v3 lane which i will lose. If i play support, my carrys usually get 0-5 score by 7minutes..

    Anyone who is in 1k mmr knows how toxic and how impossible to get out


      Nope, i can win 9/10 games in 1k bracket consistently, and im only a 3k pleb. Git gud


        Stop being delusional that on 1k team hold you back. Its only you.

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        Cici-Cici Kawaii

          git gud.. i once 1.3k mmr, now i'm 3k mmr.. it is possible to get out..


            1-3mmr is the same, scenario, players attitude and eagerness to get their at the top it is your personal growth on how to deal everything from technical basic farming, fast and safe.. To hero consideration.. To lane and map dominion. To team strategy.. Playing dota is like any other games need mastery and supremacy.. Never stay at your box of thinking.. One tip is constantly irritate your enemy by choosing irritating heroes like riki.. The endless dewarding of zeus the tracking of bh if you focus on farming and getting items for the battle why not try to delay enemies items and farming? Be a strong off laner that deals to enemy carry amd dominate it. Good luck..

            CN Slayer M-GOD


              this is what happens when a 3k play solo supp underlord in 1k

              you're just bad


                Destroy their ancient!

                FUCKING HATE

                  create new account and behave well (dont get reports and dont leave games), if you deserve being higher you will calibrate something like 2.5k


                    Double mids, no support, feeding cores, these are all common in 1k and happens in other team. Trust me when I say you can still win when your teammates do all of the above. It's really easy

                    Lord Flames

                      U will get five cores all most all the games, how to win? Don't be concerned about what your team is doing too much. Pick the most broken hero of the patch, great example is Spectre, try to die really less, farm. The game will go more than 50 minutes anyway, and that's where Spectre shines the most. You'll win and eventually get out of your bracket

                      Lord Flames

                        And btw don't bother picking support


                          Thanks for the inputs.

                          I had a game where my teammate riki afk in the middle of a fight. When we ask him, he said that the girl of his dream finally reply him and he had to read that message. Even my teammates encourage him and no one scold him for afk. This will never happen in high mmr games..

                          ^mythical beast spectre is hard to farm in 1k mmr


                            just plug in your mouse/keyboard lool


                              Establish communication before pick phase.


                                pick heroes that dont rely on team, troll, terror, jug
                                and push push push, farm push.
                                rosh, tp in fight with all the items for the pushing, kill enemies then push push push

                                oof ow ouchie

                                  Just win


                                    1.9k -2.1k here. If you want to gain mmr pick a supp with stun. Most of the time the cores are idiots but the enemy cores are idiots too.


                                      And you play vs Miracle and Kuro tougether?
                                      No you play vs same ppl as you or them. So if you have 0-5mid thy can have 0-5carry.
                                      There is so many mistake that you can take adventage in any wahy.
                                      Only one game that I can be unwinable is 4man palrty with you vs non 4+1party. Most stupid boring and retarded games are like that, when are you that one.

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                                      Jirai Gumo

                                        Just spam bloodseeker

                                        You have a 0 mana heal a silence and ult to ruin any out of control hero.

                                        Srs the guy is really hard to gank too unless your playing in 5k

                                        He can heal carries so no stupid carries running back to base when you need to push towers and can be played fine as a jungler.

                                        Guy can farm in any lane too.

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                                          I've tried playing Brood on a 1k acc and went on a 30 game winstreak.
                                          May suggest you that.


                                            i started herald[2] 2 digit mmr. so its not impossible.

                                            Potato PC

                                              Don't lie, i escape from 1-2K by spamming IO solo support (before 7.18).

                                              Try to master 1-2 heroes or just pick hero that 1K usually can't counter such as BB or Riki.


                                                CLINKZ IS FREE MMR


                                                  Yeah Clinkz is free MMR sub 3ks dont buy vision and have no idea how strafe works neither they know how to chain CC they are just disorganized bunch easy to tilt and exploit.

                                                  Wheny you make a kill with Clinkz type "ty for feeding me" in all chat they will immediately turn on him and start flaming that player he will tilt and start purpose ffeeding or afk.


                                                    git gud

                                                    CN Slayer M-GOD

                                                      I had a game where my teammate riki afk in the middle of a fight. When we ask him, he said that the girl of his dream finally reply him and he had to read that message. Even my teammates encourage him and no one scold him for afk. This will never happen in high mmr games..
                                                      ^mythical beast spectre is hard to farm in 1k mmr


                                                      yeah afk-allies doesnt happen in 3k because in 3k everyone suddenly has perfect internet right buddy

                                                      if you know just the smalles amount of how to farm efficiently you will be 6 slotted before your enemies have 3 items in 1k, because all they and you do is run around the map aimlessly and fight enemy heros.

                                                      oof ow ouchie

                                                        you dont need six slots to end 1k games


                                                          You need 6 + 3 backpack slots full amrite


                                                            Just pick bloodseeker, Riki, Slark and easy games


                                                              Stop complaining about the shitty conditions and do your best, that's how you get out of 1k mmr. And also have a normal behavior score. 1k mmr shadow pool could take months if not years to escape.


                                                                500 mmr is the worst. 5 carry each game. 1K is where you actually see supports. Abuse this. Get good at one hero. Know what other heroes do. And bam - you're out of 1K.

                                                                Suck my tiny curry dick

                                                                  Win games

                                                                  نجمة دوتة

                                                                    I need help on how get out of 1k mmr toxic tier.

                                                                    win 40 1k mmr matches in a row

                                                                    if u cant do this you suck, figure out why


                                                                      I spammed supports and occasional core (never mid) and climb from 1.5k to now 3.3k its not hard you just need to lead your team and take the initiative in fighting, stacking, taking objectives. If you don't play like shit and play properly your team will most likely listen to you and you should be able to win most of your matches.


                                                                        Thanks guys. Turns out 1k mmr is too easy for me...


                                                                          u can call me for help :)00


                                                                            3K MMR players can probably win 9/10 times in 1K. And we're trash. Git gud sir. I climbed from 1.4K


                                                                              plug your mouse
                                                                              don't need the keyboard for now, dothat for 2k mmr

                                                                              Jicniv Rune Farlord El Nix

                                                                                spam LC woods easy Very High Skill


                                                                                  trust me, you can check my activity and trends, Clinkz and Lycan is the fastest way to climbed MMR. in our bracket, people are blind in minimap, they are not a type of player who bring dust all the time. if you play lycan, they wont respond to your push.

                                                                                  Tony Redgrave

                                                                                    you are just bad at every role, start as support, I first downloaded dota on october 2016, MMR calibrated at 1080, I reached 2800 MMR by October 2017, 95% support, spammed ogre magi and treant protector, I'm 3500 now.

                                                                                    I support so well that those 1k idiot carries got rampages.


                                                                                      Just pick line druid


                                                                                        So i used 4 days to climb from guardian 1 to crusader 1. Lose about 5 games in 47 matches. Gain about 900 mmr. Didnt expect 1k mmr so easy to win matches.

                                                                                        Got a shock when i see other teammates or enemies with more than 900+ matches still stuck in guardian bracklet...