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    perfect is shit

      Midlane dominator Treads --> Shadow Blade --> Deso --> Silver Edge --> Heart --> Daed


        to get picked every time i play brood

        Ayase  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)



            I don't think he's asking about builds, but the role of the hero in the current meta.

            I personally think he fits position 4 best. He needs to be greedy and farm that blink dagger as soon as possible. A good earth shaker player can make really good use of a level 1 fissure. Remember, the stun is 1 second but the duration is 8 seconds, so you can block an enemy midlaner into the river for a good time.

            He is not strong enough to be an offlaner and the same goes for mid. Miracle recently played the hero in the mid lane and despite the fact that he got 3 man ganked, it is important to note that fissure is not a good enough defensive spell. He has no innate escape ability either. The same reasons make him a weak offlaner.

            However, this mostly applies for professional games and 5k+ games. If you're below that, you can even go position 1 if you like. Provided you know the hero a good amount and know what you're doing.


              critshaker best shaker


                mostly pos 4 but he can be played as pos 3 or even pos 2

                Slithery Secret

                  according to team liquid, space creating sacrificial mid

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