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General DiscussionWhy i lost so much with AXE!? ! Help me improve !

Why i lost so much with AXE!? ! Help me improve ! in General Discussion
Alphaz! - Strider

    I think i am good with axe but i always seem to lose! i cant finish off games with this hero. I have, more often than not, blink ready in 9-12 mins and other items on him are quite stright forward. I like this hero and want to improve my game with him. Help will be appriciated. Here is the latest match i played with him.


      very low lasthits

      u know , axe is a great farmer too i can get 300 cs in 40 min easy if i focus more

      ur items are trash ( like u) and is even 80 min game u should have 8 items allrdy

      ur shit give me ur mom we have fun git gud shit

      Alphaz! - Strider

        share your Axe match id


          this is not my mmr idk bro just go ,, WATCH ,, in game and watch 7k avg games where axe is and watch how he play and u gona get 3k very easyyy

          Tilt Master 9000

            Are you coordinating anything with your team or just pinging the map a few times and walking over somewhere expecting everything to work the way you see it in your head?

            That's probably your downfall, axe is great when played *with* the team.

            The guy above me will forever remain in 3k if he thinks axe should be aiming for 300 cs by 40 minutes.

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              Heart on axe seems to be a normal skill thing. Try other positional items (sb forcestaff) and tank items like shivas. If u have too much gold, get utility like hex is always good for team


                whenever i play axe i make sure my team knows to follow up on my initiation.
                i tend to play very agressive. but whenever you blink/call while your team is already on the retreat you are probably just dead, unless you are deathballing af and got blink blademail at 12minutes

                lotus orb>bkb on axe in most cases
                shivas > heart, 90% physical dmg by the enemy team + the slow comes handy, your team lacks disables

                edit: LMAO, baras items!!

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                  you should be killing jugg every single time as axe


                    plebeian im 4 k player for 1 year and 4500 player for 5 months i just quit and got 3k to learn invoker


                      normal 3k player is good he's way out of level than us you should listen to him... oh wait he said nothing that makes sense at all or I just lack knowledge to know what he's trying to point out

                      Kusakabe Misuzu

                        one word suits you. NOOB


                          you have a fixed item in your mind welp... bm is really a must go item from axe but what i've seen in your axe's games you really rush HoT in the game you link in here your enemy are mostly physical damage yet you have no Crimson Guard or Shivas too much hp isn't really helpful against physical damage an armor would be the good choice I'm not an axe player but i've played with and against axe too many times to notice they have fixed item but some people buys item situational I myself have a fixed itemization on axe since I rarely play him but for you if you ever go against heavy physical damage team just raise your armor HoT is good but your hp may be high but you'll just die with your low armor dagger and bm is like your starting item to snowball


                            Whenever i see axe got tarras i'm dying. I see no reason at all for tarras. Pls ban this item for axe

                            Im crying when my teammate axe throw the leads bcs he bought tarras smh


                              As axe usually u just blink call bm then he become useless after use that (wait cd)
                              That's why u buy other utility item so u wont useless after initiate


                                Heart ia shit u have 25 hp regen talent

                                Kishō Arima

                                  because of your talent tree
                                  You picked
                                  6str over +3 mana regen. 6str is meh compared to 3 mana regen which gives you enough needed sustain for mana
                                  +250HP is like 1 vitality booster which is 1100 compared to +75 Damage which is more than a sacred relic (3800). You do know that you can also hit people if you call them
                                  35MS compared to 25HP regen. Axe doesnt need MS that much. He already have blink to initiate and 25 regen is much much better

                                  between battle hunger dps vs +15 armor, I usually pick armor if the fight is even and you need to tank more. Otherwise if you are snowballing, battle hunger dps is better and with the added scepter changes to him to battle hunger
                                  Blink > Call > BM > Battle hunger just shredds them

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                                  Alphaz! - Strider

                                    @Plebeian Yes i think i sometimes underestimate the situation, and blink'n'Call in 2or3 enemy heros, thinking helix and bm will get me a triple kill (low bracket mentality. i know ). But furthermore i have also noticed that i get teammates who are more often than not useless/uncomplimenting. No regard for the teamplay

                                    Alphaz! - Strider

                                      @Melt handy info thanks i will try it. never considered ORB in my little experiance of 59 matches with axe tho. but i will try it. shiva instead of heart! okay
                                      @Jacked yea planning to include these items in my gameplay thanks


                                        you better play jungle for axe fast item if no one interrupt you. like me i always buy the green shoes first then BM or blink (look at your enemy range or melee)


                                          after that three or two item finish start gang on enemy.


                                            heart should be a 6th item if at all. get a vangaurd, its simply too good to skip in 90% of games. it gives you the ability to do ancient stacks at min 7/8, you will have vang and blink by 13/14 or 11 in jungle. a casual qeulling blade early is good too.

                                            talents should usually be mana, dmg, regen, and hunger.

                                            lastly, shadow blade and BoTs are absolutely glorious on this hero together. if the enemy has a core trying to push a lane by themself, bot in, shadow and blink call. they cant safely farm more than a couple waves without needing backup. shadow blade on axe is just too good, imagine how much easier taking a highground fight would be if they couldnt see you walking into blink range.

                                            oh, and if you get caught somewhere bad, dunk a creep and you can out-run most heroes.

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                                                why he so noob at initiating and soloing when axe is super op at it. all he need to do is buy a vanguard and blink dagger early game to rekt them to push early.

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                                                  how do you not get armor vs full physical team


                                                    buy regen vanguard then armor and armor then initiation items.


                                                      grinding my main now, watch this replay and learn.


                                                        Watch your reply and learn from 2k mmr... nice idea


                                                          @LOL For some reasons I can't change my mmr display. It's the best idea the world has ever fcking seen. A player's performance on a match doesn't depend on the amount of figures he has on his mmr.


                                                            idk even 1ks can be successful with axe