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Watch this good rubick play in General Discussion
Dreamsz what can u say about this clip and my edit? I know its bad how can i improve?


      it's kinda hard to edit videos with rubick because most of their skilled plays come from stealing spells, which isn't immediatly clear in this video imo

      I like the cinematic intro, it's a nice entré to the clip. But I'd switch into normal game perspective once the action happens, just because it's a way more familiar view for the viewer. I'd know what to focus on because that's the way I see the game in usually.

      The icons at the bottom are kinda lifeless I find; it's a nice touch sure, but the spice is missing if you know what I mean.


        Thanks dude i feel like i need to put the whole clip in a normal view after like what dota wtf do in their rampage videos


          Anyone willing to train me on editing? I can give my extra account that has 4200mmr as payment




              bad bad