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    What do you rush now on Windranger now that Gleipnir is nerfed?


      Hoping that a number of the scepter/shard reworks breathe life back into some of the cast aside carries this patch. Interested to see the changes to Luna's shard. I have over 350 games played on her and have been eager to see her become truly viable once again.

      Also the late game Necro w/ a Scepter and some heavy regen is an insane amount of damage, I wouldn't be surprised to see those numbers get down. I killed a lvl 30 axe in the demo lobby in 12.5 seconds of just standing next to him.

      Neeko Neeko Nii

        thoughts on new omni?


          Middle Marci is DEAD
          Worst patch ever

          Nemesis 041

            Luna ACTUALLY got buffed for once in a while, I mean holy shit, I guess Icefrog hasn't forgotten about her.


              I'd pick brood here


                Actually, Medusa didn't get nerfed in 7.34. 25 lvl talent update causes her to absorb more damage per mana than it was

                Tiny Airlines

                  Sand King's win rate went up like crazy right after the patch. Care to explain your constant daily 18 pack Bud Ice binge drinking, Valve?