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    Johnny B. Goode

      The passage about the linkens sphere is something i haven't thought about. The article was a good read.

      Based and Grubbypilled

        @VezirOdSempinga cringe

        gus gus

          Legion Commander can go suck a nut

          RezaShah roohet shad :(

            you forgot legion commander? and why u didnt mention carries?
            I'd like to know what do u think about future of dota kawai.
            I mean, new patch comes, people learn how to ply the top heroes, then the new one comes, then the map changes a bit every year and... I'd like to know until when is this going to happen?? can icefrog never create a fully balanced patch then leave it for some months? instead of all these buffing-nerfing then buffing-nerfing.....


              How can you break linkens through BKB?


                @Beekay remember they changed BKB from magic immunity to debuff immunity, so you can still cast single target spells on heroes with BKB on (effectively breaking Linkens through BKB)


                  I think the meta cycle is what makes the game great, RezaShah! We had what could be considered a "perfectly balanced" patch back in '16 i think, the last patch pre 7.00 update was the pinnacle of balance. But was it the pinnacle of game design and game enjoyment? No one can have an objective answer to that.

                  The game always needs to change: players get better, new ideas emerge, new concepts are introduced etc. I love Dota with all my heart and, honestly, the only thing I consider a misstep by the Dota design team in 10+ years is neutral items, and even that mechanic is now in a much more palatable spot.

                  So when I say there a problematic concepts it is not: "oh no, they made game bad" it is "oh wow, players have learned to exploit yet another thing, I would love to see it addressed, so that players can start searching once again"


                    "While some, like Dazzle, can’t be picked, unless you are intentionally trying to ruin the game for your team."

                    Dazzle is still an easier to play healer support in the lower level brackets than Oracle. LLB Lives Matter.


                      I think the last patch actually made Oracle better than Dazzle at all skill levels: the fact that you can no longer disarm your teammates or give enemy 100% magic resistance is a huge deal, but it is especially noticeable in lower levels of play. Oracle is no longer potentially harmful to your team.

                      That said, I think Dazzle might have game against Naga with Shard getting rid of her illusions instantly. Not sure how "worth" it is, but is neat in concept.


                        Great post, thank you @KawaiiSocks, keep it up! :D


                          @KawaiiSocks, I'm interested to hear what you think about the change I suggested a couple of blogs ago for universal heroes:

                          I'd like to see a change to universal heroes where their highest attribute grants 0.8 damage and the other two grant 0.5. That would give them the 1.8 damage from an iron branch rather than the 2.1 they get now.

                          More importantly though it'd encourage universal heroes to focus on one stat more than the others, bringing them more in line with other heroes.


                            I think it is a very bad suggestion.

                            How about the highest stat granting 0.7654 damage, the middle stat giving 0.6754, and the lowest stat giving 0.4289?

                            That would make the game even less complex than it is now, and more importantly, it'd encourage universal heroes to focus on one stat more than the others, bringing them more in line with other heroes.

                            RezaShah roohet shad :(

                              @kAWAI you are the best! happy to see you still active here writing these posts. keep the high class work up


                                subscribe to my petition to remove nullfier from dota


                                  <3 Nullifier

                                  a 21th century villain

                                    The problem of nerfing nulli is the amount of save items and save abilities that are in game right now. Imagine playing vs 2 glimmers on supps, etherial blade, pavise, etc. It is easier to kill core heroes than supps. It is really imbalanced that supps cant die if they have minimum positioning in fight and (for exaple) glimmer + force stuff. Also try to play vs imbalanced timber aggs without nulli or other dispell. Nulli is not overbuffed. In earlier dota patches it is also gave mute and slow btw.

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