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    I'm feeling that you're posting stuff way too fast guys, I'm having trouble keeping up with my translations, lol.


      "Professional team prioritize life: the moment someone jumps a support on their team, cores start trying to save them. It is not always possible in a pub environment because, truth be told, support positioning in pubs is usually quite bad, but it is definitely a mindset and an ideal to strive for." Can you please explain more detail about this quote? I have always been willing to trade a support's life for the safety of my cores. It's really hard for me to understand how saving support's life can change the outcome of the combat.


        One fun thing we often see in pro games and almost never in pubs is fights where no one dies. And it is an actual fight, with spells slinging around and attacks connecting. But pro players are really good at breaking the enemy initiation, saving their teammates and finding ways to survive. Pro core players also generally tend to value their supports much more.

        If you trade support for a core, it is a good trade, but support for support is heavily matchup and cooldown dependant at the time of killing and quite often if someone jumps supports on one team, instead of saving the support, cores will engage into enemy team, usually into enemy supports, forcing equal trade. Which is, fair enough, not the worst thing in the world, but it prioritizes killing enemies over saving teammates and that's something one shouldn't do against Marci and most other DPS offlaners, IMO


          Thank you for the reply. I get what you mean now. Yeah after all those time of playing dota, i have never thought once about trading support for support depends on matchup and cooldown. Maybe i did without realizing about it xD. Cheers

          Играю нестандартно

            In general, this hero deserves the nerf of mobility and control. For 3 seconds of stun from the 1st skill, approximately 600 damage is issued, and this is not counting the damage previously received from stun and jump. In total, we receive more than 1000 damage in 4 seconds. My suggestion: reducing the range of use of the mill, its duration (at least up to 2 seconds with talent), as well as removing the BKB from the 3rd skill (there are really too many mechanics similar to the bkb in the game, but at the same time having a meager cooldown, which is unacceptable to me)


              @mcxdh basically pros will try and prioritize keeping all teammates alive, even if it's a supports, rather than sacrificing them straightaway like what pubs do. However, if they (pros) can't save their supports then they usually will try to take out as many enemy as possible as trade off for the supports life.