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    fanatic and OG have only one game while we have PSG LGD,VP and VG with two games why not pick from them?


      I don't think second round lower bracket are Bo1. No games at the International should be a Bo1 to be honest and it is probably the only thing in dota worse than neutral items


        Hey antani what's your prediction man? For day 2


          I have slotted: Sumail - Ame - Karl - DJ - LoA so far, but nothing set in stone yet.

          Raven over Ame sure has merits, Raven is the highest average core.
          Karl is a no brainer, if T1 are able to take just 1 game from PSG he'll be good.
          Whitemon is also a very good option for supports I just have a particularly good LoA card :D


            BO1, is done, and are gone, now till finals everything is BO3, except finals which are BO5


              Thanks for the prediction ;)


                have 2 accounts
                going with 2 little different lineups !!
                they are keeping close

                GL !!!


                  yesterday Sumail.
                  and today Raven

                  smashed us all hard


                    I'm out of top 100, with a sub 50 percentile day. FML