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Fear Who Fears Nothing


    [DC] Azanulbizar

      second! :D

      Old Shit

        Psg.lgd and tnc ti8 champ

        Admiral Dark Cat

          Patch 7.18
          Lucan: Base armor reduced by 2
          Wolf need no armor


            Looking forward to the Botgame. It seems like they are getting quite strong :D


              As of now, the bot vs. human matchup will have certain wards allowed, no Roshan, and no invisibility.

              1-2k in a nutshell.

              mid player

                omg nice patch

                Nikola Tesla



                    Team serenity will win and disband immediately after the tournament ez

                    Jack Attack

                      These bots don't look or sound any better than the current unfair bots. They're just trying to make it seem that way by creating a ridiculous amount of handicaps in favor of the robot team.


                        I don’t see this TI as being all the more competitive than the last few. I think the qualified teams are all pretty close but let’s be real... VP, Liquid, and LGD are the only concrete Tier 1 teams.

                        I'm So FuckiNG BaD

                          GOOD LUCK ALL TEAM !


                            Serenity are the new Wings, They will win TI and disband monkaGIGA


                              TSSS MIRROR HEROES , NO WARDS AND INVISIBILITY ?

                              Herr Joseph Stalin

                                Скоро боты людей на заводе заменят. Будут боты смотреть как играют боты на The International. Раньше, кстати, коммунисты интернационал собирали, а щас вот, Габен