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    maybe buff greevils greed base bounty for alch


      Buff zeus pls

      Boundless Strike in Gaben...

        just buff everyone then nerf them again then buff everyone then nerf again....blah blah blah and people call it a new 'meta' everytime
        lmfao daed game


          Phoenix doesn't have 150 gpm at all, he has 90 gpm for lvl 10 talent you should change the info

          Karl Marx

            All of these buffs are welcome but i'm sorta shook on those oracle ones because me and my friends do oracle + huskar and with their recent buffs I think we may see and do them more

            MM.Ugh Brock Hall

              @Boundless Strike in Gaben...

              Cmon, you can troll better than that.


              Oracle is a sitting duck though. They need to change his q to be an instant cast, no channeling. Severely reduced at the very least. If you're considering between him, wyvern, and dazzle, you are picking him last because his saves are the weakest. He needs two spells to heal effectively, and his dispel is only a dispel (nice as that may be). Compared to an ice prison that heals or shallow grave + a heal, his kit is nice but doesn't do the basics well enough to justify his situationally flexible design.


                MM. Brock Hall says it best!

                Karl Marx

                  @MM.Brock Hall

                  He may be a sitting duck channel, but normally you can get enough for aether lens, and plus the cast range talent at level 15, you can cast all your spells from a long distance and be safe even when it's a channel. Also, I was only talking about Huskar + Oracle and how my friends and I do it a lot, not necessarily playing oracle over dazzle or wyvern. I believe Oracle is better than Dazzle and Wyvern with Huskar, not in other matchups necessarily. I appreciate your opinion though :)


                    buff pub player plz


                      Alchemist has literally zero space on this meta and it will continue until we get the old bounty runes back or change the way his passive work with bounties.


                        Phoenix only has a +90 GPM Talent and is at level 10 not 15 neither +150 FailFish


                          Why nobody in this blog posts didn't mention that reworked mechanics of Riki's ultimate is huge nerf for him... It has been let unmentioned since introduction of this bull****..Hitting one enemy is better only for lonely targets and it absolutely cancelling magnus+riki combo (hitting all enemies in same time meant pure criticals splash).. overall it leads to riki as non factor in teamfights and he cant be playing as carry neither 4'pos anymore. Prolonged cooldown on ulti also sucks. I wonder they felt he need some nerfs cause he was already out of pro meta like 9 months... please return Riki like he was a year ago!. Thanks

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                          aikyu3 SuBi ♪

                            ^ riki still can become a proper position 4, thou very situational to become effective. Just that you still play it as a carry does not mean icefrog should buff him.


                              Riki has nothing to offer nowadays in competetive matches. One easily countered smoke and weak ultimate, low MS and HP pool.. And 2-1-2 system.. zero chance to do more than other 4 position heroes. But I was wondering why Icefrog nerfed him, he wasn't strong, especially in competetive scene and his appeareance there was very rare.. It is strange that you nerfing heroes who arent in meta at all and maybe need some small buffs to be viable pick in higher games. It was logical that Riki went to 0 pick at that tournament.

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                              Amygdala Hippocampus

                                Riki has been a trouble as numerous position. As 5th, he won't get good item for his ultimate, as 4th his smoke aren't reliable, as 3rd post his survivability easily countered by sentry ward, as 2nd post he barely even survive the first gank and as 1st post he has no farming ability and need good item to empower his killing ability. Basiclly if one of his his skill buffed, his playstyle will change accordingly.


                                  Agree. But we are talking about nerf. And if you nerf his best skill - his playstyle dissapear ;)..
                                  I am waiting article about drow ranger. She is back in meta in her full strenght after buffs she has received previously.

                                  POS 1

                                    zeus should be nerfed


                                      WHY DO I EVEN READ THIS