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Jack Attack

    My region NA has the least qualified region and we get 3 spots. Doesn't seem right but I accept. Maybe something to do with the fact we had less invites than everyone.

    beli galabi



        Too many roster changes Jack.

        DP. Maniac

          NA has the best region outside of the top 8 DPC, 3 spots is only unjustified due to CIS getting 1.

          ـMr. PoopyBUGhole

            Really NA is a fucking region it doesn't contain any other region within it to has the best region

            And it's not the best region competetive wise china is
            The only NA team that is good now is Optic

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              Wtf does n.a get 3 spots....waste of talent for other teams
              Better let some more Chinese and c.i.s teams and fight

              Samwise Gamgee

                At the end it will be 6 CN, 3 SEA, 3 EU, 3 NA, 2 CIS, 1 SA TI8 Teams. Its fine for me, but unfair that NA have the same slots as EU for TI and all of them come from qualifer since no one in NA can end up at Top8 to get the direct invite.


                  NA and CIS should both have two.
                  FTM, Team Spirit, Vega, Navi and Empire contesting for one spot is kinda ridiculous


                    Predictions for who will make it out of each region:
                    NA: EG, VGJ.Storm, Optic
                    SA: Infamous
                    EU: Final Tribe
                    CIS: FlyToMoon
                    CN: LFY, Keen
                    SEA: TNC, Fnatic

                    F E E D O N L Y

                      I love it


                        TI curse is coming in...

                        RamCeSS III

                          optic <3 and team liquid <3


                            My predictions for TI8 teams:
                            Direct Invites: Liquid, VP, Secret, LGD, Vici Gaming, VGJ Thunder, Mineski, Newbee.
                            NA: Optic, VGJ.Storm, EG
                            SA: Pain Gaming
                            EU: OG
                            CIS: FlytoMoon
                            CN: LFY, Keen
                            SEA: TNC, Fnatic

                            Captain BoBo

                              Liquid won 3:1

                              ugly, short and fat.

                                barley 5k mmr players with 900 immortal ranking kappa


                                  Valve заявили, что новая система учитывает исключительно победы и поражения во время калибровки.

                                  Ну-ну. Ха-ха, более лживого вброса услышать cмогу лишь только от политиков...

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                                  Tsuyoponnu! <3

                                    Cant wait flytomoon kick vp in the lower bracket kappa