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    Let us know what your picks for each respective categories would've been and also what categories you think we should add for the next year!


      Buff of the year was Morphling attribute shift no longer needing mana and could be toggled at any time. That was completely broke. Still seems ridiculously strong even after it was nerfed.

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        Best Clip - w33 on timbersaw against Liquid.

        Best Tournament - Kiev Major

        Buff - Brewmaster

        Nerf - Morphling xd

        Hero of the year - Medusa

        Captain Kio

          N O A G I L I T Y T I N Y

          Aren Raizelus

            Seriously there no mention of tiny ???

            The Ancient One


              Please take a look at the Forum post in the second page looking for trade.

              bad guy (very)

                The thing of the year: sumail pos 3 and cancel sucks at another team.

                MM.Ugh Brock Hall

                  Best Clip: Fata 1v5 on Tidehunter. it went on for like 2 minutes and was so much fun to watch.

                  Best Tournament: TI. Requisite surprises and such were there, but really, it's hard not to be overexcited about TI. It's TI.

                  Buff: Medusa split shot/split shot talents (I almost picked Ghost Shroud but that was in Dec 2016). Overall I'm just happy to see late game carries getting play again.

                  Nerf: Creep changes. I really think having extra XP in the ranged creep was....just a great idea.....but it did allow Lich to dominate any lane NO MATTER WHAT. You could run two people in mid and still outlevel an opposing solo mid. So that was a problem.

                  Hero of the Year: Earthshaker. Times have changed, but no hero was more fearful for a longer period of time than Earthshaker. Versatile and powerful, you pretty much always had to be wary of his potential to change the course of a game.

                  and my own addition to the awards:

                  Best Carry: Matumbaman. It's hard to say anyone else really did such a consistent job of impressing.

                  Best Offlane: Nobody. Just not a great year for offlaners. Universe didn't impress, neither did Kpii, Fata is new but promising, 9pasha is solid, but nobody really stole the show for me.

                  Best Mid: Sccc. Part personality, part ferocious playstyle, Sccc was truly a playmaker this year. No[o]ne was good too. Miracle demands serious praise too, but if anyone made the best of a situation, it was Sccc.

                  Best Soft Support: YapZor or Lil. It's a hard position to really judge, but both of these players made real names for themselves with powerful plays in a position that doesn't often present those opportunities. GH was fine but he often was outshone by his cores.

                  Best Hard Support: Sonneiko. Yeah yeah, not the most decorated, but he is just on the wrong team. He deserves so much more praise than he gets. Plus, now that he is captain, he is really spreading his wings and getting some noteworthy results. Maybe this will be the season he gets some true acclaim. The rest of his team certainly seems to be ready to step forward with him.

                  MVP: Kuroky. It's trite, but not really. His drafting, more than anything else, won TI. He worked HARD to win TI, and despite my personal feelings toward his on camera attitude, you can't say he doesn't care. This is one devoted dude, and he turned it to 11 this year. Sonneiko and Faith deserve mention, there are certainly fans of Yapzor and Sccc and anyone else on TL, but really. Kuro.

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                    Best Clip-W33 timbersaw against liquid or secret (cant remember)
                    Best Tournement-ESL One Hamburg the ad memes and quality of dota was great
                    Buff-Morphling attribute shift costing no mana was beyond broken
                    Nerf-Earth spirit being nerfed in last 3 patches unfair for a hero who requires considerable skill
                    Hero Of the Year-Nightstalker having been probably the most banned hero in the professional scene this year


                      yeah night stalker was in contention for hero of the year as well, his lack of a public presence (i dont think he ever went higher than 10%) gave necro the edge

                      behavior normal = ban na ...

                        Best Clip - w33 on timbersaw against Liquid.

                        Best Tournament - Kiev Major

                        Buff - Brewmaster

                        Nerf - Morphling xd

                        Hero of the year - shaman


                          I do agree that flying Night Stalker is the best buff impact into the game. So fun to see Zai run away a gank an fly across the map


                            Best Clip - u kidding me? is there any better than a complete blind aegis snatch from -ah fu- at THE INTERNATIONAL?.
                            here is the clip

                            Best Tournament - kiev yes.

                            Buff - Venomancer.

                            Nerf - Lion, he was unplayable most of the year, near of bane, and he is second cause the rework of nightmare for like 3 weeks.

                            Hero of the year - i will go for Spirit breaker cause no matter how ranked , pub or pro scene he is, its a FORCE TO RECON WITH!.

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                            PENGEN PANEN MEME

                              Bcot ngentod


                                What nerf does lion get? I'm pretty he only got indirect buff, from talent and hex undispellable. He is not picked because the existence of refresher shard, which is powerful on Shaman

                                Im Nikola Tesla In The Fu...

                                  Best Dotabuff Staff Member - Skim
                                  GL 2018

                                  Potato PC

                                    Where's IO the wisp?

                                    offlaner ≠ supp

                                      @Potato PC: banned in the first phase

                                      Jack Attack

                                        Buff of year was veno passive/talents

                                        Hero of the year I agree with necro

                                        Nerf of the year was undeniably what they just did to morph.

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                                          Rest in Peace Necro, you unkillable beast. I now officially lost all extra 1200 mmr you gained me in summer :D

                                          I Will (Do ThaT)

                                            I Just Wanna Say: You Guys Have 2 Remove One Hero From Dota2 ... [BRISTLEBACK] Thats So Annoying And Rediciosly BUG!!!!!!!!


                                              Buff of the year: Attribute shift no longer needs mana
                                              Nerf of the year:Attribute shift can no longer be activated when stunned

                                              Selling my kidney for drugs

                                                What you guys forget is that the attribute shift morph only lasted for a short while. He didn`t impact the pro scene and pubs over most of the year like the other heroes.

                                                Appendix Vermiformis

                                                  Clip of the year : JerAx eul 322
                                                  Tournament of the year : Midas mode ofc
                                                  Buff of the year : pudge can hook rune for the lulz
                                                  Nerf of the year : Memerphling
                                                  Hero of the year : Rature Prophet
                                                  Also to mention
                                                  Player of the year : EE sama and LulBa
                                                  Item of the year : Meme Hammer

                                                  Sticky Bamboo

                                                    Nerf of the year should be earth spirit because he got nerfed all throughout the year basically in every patch


                                                      Nerf of the history of dota : Leshrac.

                                                      MM.Ugh Brock Hall


                                                        You could make a case for a lot of heroes getting that award though. Lesh, Chen, Meepo, Techies, Naix, DP, MK, Clinkz, all have had unbelievable nerfs that have ruined them for major, if not permanent, amounts of time.

                                                        strawberries n cigarettes

                                                          Clip of the Year:Sccc on sniper against LFY at TI semi-final

                                                          Tour of the Year:Kiev Maj

                                                          Buff of the Year:Sniper Knockback Headshot on lvl.20 Talent Tree

                                                          Nerf of the Year:Attribute shift can't no Longer be Activated when Stunned

                                                          strawberries n cigarettes

                                                            Abed on qop at aegis steals with new refresher shard item might be a great clip to watch too xD


                                                              Heroes of the Year - Tinker, Medusa, Pangolier

                                                              Best 7.00 Buff - Medusa, Anti-Mage

                                                              Best 7.00 Nerf - Slark, Broodmother