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        And sometime heroes like AM and Mirana or Pudge can exploit these turn rate xD


          Helpful as always!

          NoEunhaNoLife- 

            Nice Article!

            can't nerf the girth

              great lion play lol do you have hex on quickcast or did you precast on the magnus?

              I stand alone

                Time to youtube some turnrate videos


                  Not even a single mention about how it affects Blink Dagger and Force Staff?

                  Smile Protector

                    a hero can’t both reposition freely in-between attack cooldowns and deal full damage.

                    100% wrong

                    Turn rate is another attribute that can be tweaked to make heros slightly stronger or slightly weaker. It allows the game designers to fine-tune heroes, without stripping their identity or making them weaker number-wise. Moreover, turn rate is highly exploitable, but only by capable players, hence it is a way to leave the casual scene static, while giving better players more tools to shine.

                    Turn rate IS a number. And no, turn rate is not only exploitable by capable players, turning slower changes the way heroes function, so you can exploit a hero's bad turn rate unknowingly by simply not being killed by a hero because he can't turn fast enough to attack or cast spells.

                    Seriously, who writes this?

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                      Turn rate is huge, there are several times I can abuse turn rate in order to minimize the chance of an enemies spells getting off, like Terrorblade. I've jumped a terrorblade from behind and saved my stun for maximum time without him being able to cast ult, no way something like that could happen in LoL.

                      Brünk Hüll


                        There are situations where you can increase your dps by moving in between attacks, but the authors' point is that when you are required to turn around, it can take longer than the time it takes for your attack to cooldown. The problem is doubled if you are trying to run away while attacking, forcing you to turn around to attack, then turn around to run, over and over. This is particularly important in the aforementioned Drow Ranger situation.

                        Brünk Hüll

                          Loved the link to that video. The guy clearly has never played a match of League or Dota. He used a teamfight clip from Dota and absolutely the calmest clip of League he could find, a laning stage with no spells casted clip.

                          Blunder Woman

                            Writer said "Luckily, it is not the case with Dota, with only a single hero having no turn rate."

                            Which is that one hero with no turn rate ?
                            Rubick ? I googled couldn't find an answer ..


                              I believe it's Io. Although he's still listed with a 0.7 turn rate, as of 6.83 he no longer requires turning to perform actions such as relocate or cast tether and the like.

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                                Blunder Woman

                                  @jojo & @krutni ... io has a front .. you can see it turn when you move. Also maybe the other spells don't have turn rate, but tether feels like it has turn rate (not sure) ... Moreover right clicking does not have turn rate ? That too feels like it does have turn rate. I could be wrong though. Anyhow thanks for the reply. I appreciate it :)

                                  Lee Kiibum

                                    @Chris Io's 0.7 turn rate is only used to calculate effects from abilities that rely on the angle the target is facing, like Backstab. These are the only instances where Io's face matters. Io moves/casts instantly in any direction.

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                                    Smile Protector

                                      If you are playing IO and riki smokes you and starts hitting you, you can instantly turn to him every time he is about to complete an attack, then continue running away, then turn back to him again as he is about to complete his attack, etc.


                                        Idk if I agree with the 'heroes looking the same with any set' thing at this point. That was the goal at one point, but...


                                          Idk if I agree with the 'heroes looking the same with any set' thing at this point. That was the goal at one point, but...

                                          Brünk Hüll

                                            I'm honestly surprised that this is even a problem for people. As a player that switched from League years ago, I remember learning about turn rate and thinking "man I gotta be sure of myself before I engage" (I said the same thing immediately after I casted my first spell). I wasn't frustrated, instead I was in awe. The game clearly required patience and understanding, and watching those first TI games made me realize just how exciting a 17 kill game could be.

                                            I totally understand why people don't like it, but to want it to be different rather than just switching to a less demanding game makes no sense to me. Just about every other genre of game defines its titles, among other factors, by how 'acadey' the experience is. It's how we explain the difference between Mario Kart and Project Cars, or CoD and Arma, or I guess Minecraft and Don't Starve. So really, why not just move to something less demanding and more accessible?


                                              The only times I noticed how important turn rates are
                                              1. Early version of Phoenix (maybe still warcraft), Sunray is harder to hit when the target move right or left, the current sunray is a lot easier.
                                              2. Kunkka torrent casting removed turn rate.
                                              3.Batrider sticky napalm and kills Lion by moving in a circle around Lion, in one of Dota wtf videos


                                                Necroing post?


                                                  So if I hypothetically buy Blink Dagger on IO, turn rate doesn't matter?

                                                  VOLVERÉ Y SERÉ MILLONES

                                                    No lo lei todo pero se ve interesante xD

                                                    Captain Flint

                                                      Anyone remember Jakiro in classic Dota? You literally walk backwards due to extremely low turnrate

                                                      Хочу как Яторо


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