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    First gg wp


      Second secured
      > Good Game

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        Third secured


          woah! interesting..


            Fourth ez supporting

            Digital Dummy


              cavern quest

                I always awe at the level of English this is written it. Its like reading a professional report. Shows how seriously DotA is being treated nowdays.

                убей меня пока я сплю

                  That was a good read

                  EAT SHIT

                    too late bois but damn solar crest is really op as hell.


                      10th for the 10th time


                        Terrorblade - nerf, Templar A. - nerf, Solar Crest - nerf, thanks

                        MM.Airsick Lowlander

                          Even just a medallion is pretty great on a carry. It gives you extra armor early on and a desolator level effect for less than half the cost. Heroes like PA and Weaver can really benefit from having it in their lane and they can always pick up deso later for double the minus armor.


                            GG NERF ON CM AND MEDALS


                              if u nerf Solar Crest then it is the same as nerfing visage.


                              Sleight of My Fist In You...

                                god there are so many scrubs on here it's disgusting


                                  MONKEY KING OVER RATED AS F***


                                    Solar Crest is spammed bcs it is harder to push with new shrines and armor tower mechanics u fools :D


                                      pls don't nerf yet, I'll soon be back for summer doto :((((

                                      Sleight of My Fist In You...

                                        my slark is best


                                          Terrorblade the best Notail is the best player

                                          13 e Y o N D

                                            What about Arc warden ? LOL


                                              Terrorblade is not even OP. bunch of noobs can't even push the tower without farming for 40 min.


                                                thank you! i've learned a lot with this reading

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                                                  Mrs. Geomencer♥

                                                    even bane have its space in major. long live NATASHA!


                                                      I DONT CARE ABOUT THIS

                                                      Pan Kamil : )

                                                        holy moly

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