DotaBuff Guide Competition

Many of you have probably already heard that we are making an advanced guide competition. The rules are simple - write a "guide" on a hero using this template, and post the link to it in the comment section.

Why the Guide competition?

  • We strongly support the development of the Dota 2 community and believe that there are a lot of things people can learn from the exceptional players on certain heroes. DotaBuff is a place with a really high concentration of exceptional players that are ready to share their knowledge with the world.

  • We are looking for something that could be useful to both new players and veterans. Guides written by professional players tend to disregard the differences between Public Matchmaking and Pro-Scene, overlooking some of the skill and coordination limitations.

  • We really enjoy the increase in community participation on our web-site and try to encourage it. The directly leads to the second part:

What are the prizes?

This Statistics-Fan set for Legion Commander and a 3-months "Plus" subscription will be presented to the author of the best Guide, chosen by the community.

The Guide will also be immortalised in our Blog.

What are the rules?

You have until Sunday, 23rd to submit a link to the Blog in the comment section, where you will immediately enter the competition. Then the voting phase will begin, lasting until Wednesday, 26th. On Thursday, we announce our Winner and post the guide in our Blogs.

Guide should not be a guide in the most common sense - it should be closer to the Dazzle! Blog post, providing some more advanced strategies and discussing the strength and weaknesses of the hero in the current meta.

Any tips?

Don't describe the skills in too much detail (a general idea of a skill, rather than a detailed tooltip for every level) - there is a wiki for it, and it is a tedious task. Rather concentrate on something really cool and/or overlooked on the hero.

Don't make the paragraphs too long - it looks scary. One sentence-paragraphs may not be fine for your uni coursework, but it is more than ok in a blog/guide format - as long as it provides some point.

Try to make it somewhat entertaining and keep it simple. Try to achieve no more than Grade 10 in HemingwayApp

Use some stats. Substantiating a claim with the empirical evidence, rather than subjective opinion of the author, will result in higher credibility of the text.

Already submitted:

Good Luck!

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Jʌy Δshʙoʁnɘ

    Dope idea. Glad you thought of it. <3

    nuvole bianche

      Dope idea. Glad you thought of it. <3

      Miku Plays

        i might share my Junglegion ;w;

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          Jʌy Δshʙoʁnɘ

            The same reason you have shit k/d/a's on a smurf. <3

            Jʌy Δshʙoʁnɘ

              Double posting because I want to keep that comment, and this clear and unedited to get my point across so clear it's transparent.

              My first post~ Was a sarcastic comment about how he made idea.
              Sadboys post was a sarcastic comment on how I made the idea.
              Hatsune-kun's post was an actual I might do this~.

              Sorry if you're not cultured enough like like amine, but please stop making comments about Autism. That's a serious fucking disability with no cure. You can flame shit all you want, but please increase your vocabulary. That shit is getting old. =) It would be like me making fun of mother for not having an abortion. We all know it sucks, but no one can fix the situation. =/


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                  Added O-God's Pudge Guide


                    love it! :D


                      Good news this is positive stuff Kawaii and is really needed!


                        god it's my exam week and 3 days is short as fuck to write the wisp encyclopedia I want to make.


                          Added Lightwing's Gyro.

                          @dp.general_tao - I am considering doing this kind of stuff fortnightly or monthly. So no worries! )

                          @Na'Vi Puppey - could you please add/format it to the forums? Thx!

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                              @KawaiiSocks thank you!


                                I want to make one for Medusa, but my MMR of 3k is stopping me.

                                Jʌy Δshʙoʁnɘ

                                  Who cares about your mmr? There is a difference between game knowledge and execution of such knowledge. I could teach you YEARS of starcraft knowledge in a few days but when I hand you the keyboard you're still going to suck. Write a guide, the community needs it.


                                    How is the voting working? It is the community that votes or the admins? Because I'd see it being very biased if community will vote because then guides that cover popular heroes will gain more popularity most likely.







                                          By the way, any idea why the image links in my post aren't working?


                                            @tuvarkz try putting [img] instead of [Img] with the capital I

                                            Jʌy Δshʙoʁnɘ

                                              @ Tuvarkz, try hosting the images on a different website with a shorter url address, in example "Imgur". Long ones tend to cause issues.

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                                              team is heavy


                                                There, all done. Out of curiosity, can you only submit one guide for this contest? I wanted to do a Clockwerk one.


                                                  Added: Leshrac Sven and Dazzle guides.

                                                  @Tuvarkz - replied in the forum.
                                                  @99 Problems - feel free to submit multiple guides. I am considering making a monthly/fortnightly competition where you could re-submit the guides, so there is no need to rush.
                                                  @ArtiQ - completely agree that the hero popularity might have an influence on the score. I am still figuring out the best way to go about the whole voting thing - Facebook has got rid of the "Question" part, so there is a need for a third-party app.


                                                    There is a bunch of online voting apps, so that is not a big problem thought :)
                                                    E.g. -


                                                      Im need outworld destroyer guide guys pls help me:)


                                                        I think it's the staff who should decide, or people will just ask all their friends to vote on their guides

                                                        bitmap kid

                                                          That statistic set is awesome, so I'm throwing my hat in with a guide for Clockwerk:


                                                          Jʌy Δshʙoʁnɘ

                                                            @ Sano's comment above.

                                                            100% agree.


                                                              Does it have to be a guide on heroes? What about drafting/items/howtolane etc?

                                                              Jʌy Δshʙoʁnɘ

                                                                "The rules are simple - write a "guide" on a hero"


                                                                  My guide on wisp is finished! (or almost). Is there an easy way to put heroes and item's pictures in there or do I have to manually get a link to some image I've made?

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