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    This forum is next level pathetic people. Adult person sits on computer, plays 10+ games of dota, almost whole day of playing a game they dont like, and is angry their irrelevant dead game points are not higher =))) even better when their bracket is 1k or some shit. If ur 8k+ and getting mad, aight at least you are talented at the thing u wasting time in, then u have these creatures playing 10k games and Guardians and still think they can complain about something, its unfathomable and I still see the same guy from like 2 or 3 years ago when I found this forum crying here, still playing after 10k+ games, still crying about team in guardian, when do u wake up whats the point of this?

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      Is this projection? You use this forum and have at least 4-5k hours in dota judging by your matches played?


        parma u little faqqotchini suckin some dick these days or waht bruh


          if ure getting worked up cuz of some shit posts in dotabuff u've serious problem. Dota 2 anger comes and go. It is for that exact moment we're angry and then we forget. But if it happens again we again get mad and its normal. Ure playing 4 more people 20-60m and if u cant stand them nothing can be changed.

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            Lets analyze your ability to use brain

            - crying about mmr
            - crying about team
            - low mmr
            - 10k+ hours
            - 10+ games a day

            Okay now that we analyzed the points in the post, which one of them is tied to me to be able to project? Fuckin weirdo + dumb asf


              weird thread


                parma u little faqqotchini suckin some dick these days or waht bruh

                Me and the boys suckin this italian faqqotchini dick


                  this guy is a bit retarded

                  Bick Dig

                    A loser complaining about losers


                      What is the point of this thread ? 1k mmr player or noob cannot crying about dota2 ?

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                        Imagine caring about mmr in 2021


                          i dont flame random people @vladimir

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                            also if you don't get most of people here are trolling
                            also it's not against rules to whine here

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                              Most people who play dota have cried at least a few times about something. I say let people cry, they can stay stuck at their MMR


                                @tears like you who make accounts cause can not beat their own bracket


                                  @Vladimir forgot to mention with that pfp u can suck my dick

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