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why does it feel, so good?

    Hello dotabuffers
    this account is my main account and stuck in 3k. A few years ago i created another account to get vhs eheheeh... When i started to get losing streak in my main i went back to my second account. Guess what i got vhs and some games i matched with immortals. so today i calibrated and got Divine 2.
    This is my second account:

    If you want to get calibrated ez way is go beyond godlike every single fucking game and you will be matched with immortals.

    If you want to find peace in your games play in archon or lower or play with your friends. if you want to get cancer and die play above 3.5k.

    i can share my experience bois eheheheh now im divine

    why does it feel, so good?

      dont underestimate me in some games i fucking chased and slayed many immortals

      why does it feel, so good?

        all my archon and legend brothers you can do it too... you deserve higher mmr )))))))) dont let your teammates hold you back

        HexyRose :X

          my last acc was crusader 3 and I calibrated this one with 67% wr in public matches. guess what? it calibrated crusader 4.
          I really tolerated those fuckin 100 AP games with bunch of morons fighting for mid lane and or feeding, and imagine being calibrated unfairly like this

          Tom Hanx

            stop encouraging people to make new account. and nope, this one is obviously an OLD account, u just rarely use it. ur skills improve by time and then u came back to that account just to calibrate it

            why does it feel, so good?

              @Tom Hanx no sir i still suck cant carry legend games
              check my main legend account

              why does it feel, so good?

                @HexyRose :X it is not about winrate just go beyond godlike own the game

                Tom Hanx

                  i cant carry legend games too because there are too many smurfs.


                    true i was archon last year but i made this account now im immortal


                      true story
                      700 mmr on first acc


                        Usually not possible to get divine in such a short time. There is some kind of exploit that cores are using to cheat the system into believing that you are high mmr. Enjoy while the system is crooked.


                          I remember there was some guy who roped in his immortal friends to play with him in his new account and in an instance his account was also calibrated at immortal.


                            @poggies can u predict my mmr haha

                            venz(NEED MOTIVATION)

                              haven't played dota in months and people still create new account just to get matched with divines and immortals? year 2021? LMFAO


                                New account doesn’t work anymore. Your meta data carries over from the original to any new one created . Btw I lick ass


                                  Me too broo I just get VHS match RN only HAHAHA