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    I played with 3 spectres yesterday (another account). ALL of them built necronomicon.
    What is going on? Is this a youtuber/streamer meme build? Is it viable for some reason? Bug in the matrix?

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    Where is my Hu Tao

      i dunno use your brain. It gives u 10 str and a ton of mana reg. For like 2000 gold. What else would you buy and give u the same stats and utility as the said item? When drums was giving u more stats and stuff people would buy that. When dragonlance was giving you 15 stats everyone was buying it even on melee.


        This item was most built on spectre this week.
        < 50% winrate.
        Maybe they don't use their brains.

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        Where is my Hu Tao

          dotabuff uses the end game items. If the spectre still has necro 1 in the item slot at the end of the game chances are they lost. Look at the win rate for necro book 2 and 3. over 75% win rate for spectre.

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            lol i really respect ppl buying that item as first in my games. they have very high understanding of game and hero.
            there is literally no second option to buy, spectre early game sucks you cant fight, you cant farm. only item can save it is necro. you farm insanely faster, u can pressure towers, have synergy with your ult, giving mana regen to spam Q and tankiness u need .
            i think rtz did it on stream, as u can see the amount of usage is stupidly high. it seems too many archon crusader fanboys start building that and thats the reason it has low winrate.
            if u just check guides u can see 90% of ppl doing it.
            2 game my spectre bought 8 min necro got his radi on 17 min, the other one didnt and got his radi on 24 min.

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              10 str makes her tanky
              3 mana regen to spam dagger for farm, even with necrobook and soul ring she has mana problems if u take the dagger cdr talent (which you should)
              active - spam necro units to farm jungle and/or also push out waves that would be dangerous for your hero to be at

              pushing out waves to the enemy tower is the next best thing you can do if you can't join fights.

              it's like saying why is BF good on AM when it has no synergy with his abilities or manta. because it helps you farm and split push which is what your hero does until you can fight

              you're welcome to suggest a better item for 2k gold. drum only gives 4 to all stats now and no mana regen, and necro units > 20 attack speed aura
              midas lets u kill one creep every 90s and worse stats, while necro lets u kill 2 more waves every 90s. midas is shit anyway on spec, point is people think midas is a good item when you're afk farming and even then necro is better at it.
              vanguard does nothing for farm

              Tu tayta

                Aaaaannnnd Necrobook got nerfed.


                  still good though, the nerf doesnt affect the playstyle at all


                    Oh and like kowareta said, you just farm so much faster. Seriously if your bored as fuck go empty lobby and try farm necro + radiance with 0 compeition, then try go farming radiance first.. i'd say farming necro + rad still has faster timing

                    And chances are the reason for low winrate is because people building it are probably high ranked, this just makes him even with the competition in higher tier. He has a high winrate overall but in divine/immortal it's 48.7% wr, which coincides with the winrate with necrobook.


                    Only real alternative is blademail imo

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                      Thanks for the explanations.


                        Spec has more mana issues with necro book now. Doesn't make it unviable, just significantly less spammable to throw all her spells out and drop necro creeps during haunt.


                          No need to explain anything to these trash players. If they see something new theyll flame and blame the heck out of you and ruin your day. Let them figure it out like the pros do. There's description in the item and you can test it yourself.


                            guess what. bamboo flamed this game. well deserved. imagine buying necro on minute 16 =)))))) what a big retard u are. nice 30 min relic buddy.

                            dont be mad u are just bad.


                              Don't forget i was left alone vs bm and bb sol as spectre ;)


                                If you make mistakes your support will leave you

                                its just said by yourself on the other thread :)


                                  Its because of RTZ. Gameleap uploaded some of his meme builds recently. RTZ also played Wk with 0 4 4 0 build farming stupidly fast. Same for necro book, its mostly for stats and farming.

                                  I copied this build on Wk and Ck and it works stupidly good. Especially on Ck who has problems with farming.


                                    Now you can just slap Necrominicon to cover up any farming disabilities and early skirmish on pretty much any hero, damn there is even sniper with necrobook agha now


                                      Sniper necrobook has been here for a while though, think it was Ace(if im not wrong) who went like necro tp boot sniper and fucked ass

                                      Gabagool over here

                                        filthy huskar spammer boi bambooni

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