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Petition to remove 4k players ability to comment in General Discussion

    Why do these 4k apes always speak the most and comment on everything. If they had half a brain they would know that anyone can just look at the stats provided on this website and answer >half of their own questions


      First of all stop using word "ape". Not everyone decide to waste their life to get Immortal and some people find joy in writing a wall of text that no one reads anyway.

      Secondly go to Reddit. You will have the same but written by 1-2 k mmr accounts and their genius ideas how the game should look like.


        haha, Lex you are so biased against others arent you???
        wasting your life to get Immortal is Bad meanwhile just next to it wasting your life to write an essay for nobody is Good
        cause they are enjoy it??? ppl who waste their life to get immortal not enjoying their time?


          6k matches talking about wasting life


            Says a person who uses smurf to get out of his bracket. Divine bracket is basically ex. 4ks. Ive met people who are 6k mmr and play like shit. Why i never saw you answer any questions then 5.4k mmr player?


              Apes are strong



                Since when Im biased against other people ?

                People just forget its a VIDEO GAME. I run my own business. I hire 30 people and still have time for dota on my alt. Just for fun. But road to Immortal+ is constant adaptation, learning, playing a couple of hours a day. Its exhausting. People waste their whole young energy on the grind. They watch guides, analize mistakes, replays like they were playing for golden panatloons. xd People talk about how to get Immortal etc. but no one talks about how much of a waste of time this is.

                But I agree, everyone can do what they want in their free time. But if someone wake up 28-30 years old with no GF, no life perspectives and 6 k then congratz. And trust me, there is a lot of such people.


                Then get Divine 3, its 5k+. Show us its ex 4k ez to grind.

                @yoshi's island

                Thats exactly why I know what Im talking about. Its based on experience.

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                  bambooni how it feels to be anshit V 5.3k ranked games while this guy is Divine V with 459??
                  stop being a mad dog, do you like to do some experiments buddy? this guy is a 6k-7k smurf and reached divine V in 500 games. i bet you cant even reach legend in this amount of time if you start playing on 1k mmr smurfs. and it will say alot about how u gained your mmr buddy :) remember Assylum was a guy just like you and he lost to fucking heralds on third game WHILE HE WAS BOOSTING :axe_laugh:

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                    so you only hate when 4k players ask questions??
                    what about 2k who tries to discuss something with a 6k?


                      valve nerfed ranked system if you dont know and since 4.6k is divine 1 divine 3-4 should be around 5k to 5.3k so its not a big deal. The game is basically the same and the problem with 5k players is that they play worse than 4ks and are mad dogs. 5.5k is common these days, so... meh. Get immortal rank then talk. As higher mmr u get the players goes full retards. All my 4.8k-5.1k games were like this.



                        Baboni Divine 3+ is 1,63% of whole playerbase according to dota mmr redistribution.

                        And many of these accounts are smurf ones.

                        So ye, very common. :D

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                 charts in ranked


                            btw this guy is the most retarded subhuman i ever play with
                            just played a game with him, picking OD into void and fucking disruptor and dies every time to them =))
                            fucking miserable buyer. if anybody in this world deserves to get muted you are the one.

                            he claims we lost bottom after game =)))) dotabuff says otherwise buddy. if bb tp bottom and kill us all while u are afk farming and not tping its not mean we lost the lane , it means u lost us the fucking game. clown.

                            35 fucking minutes and he never ever cast ult as OD.


                              start spamming huskar mid boys, that hero gives you a lot of mmr even if you be a legend edgy dead inside teenager.

                              Gabagool over here

                                kowareta with another super tox guy in the same team i wonder how the algorithm placed u guys. let me guess your behavior score is around 5000 each.q


                                  wow so smart for a braindead, did you got friends help to conclude that??


                                    it says that he won mid so wtf are you talking about ?? I guess you all fucked up .
                                    And that 190 gpm Chen lmao

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                                      nobody said he lost middle, how u even lose middle with OD against BB???!!! he had freelane but he is so bad to have any impact as a lastpick SMURF. my gpm? really? its a stomp game buddy, i afk fair amount of it. i cant do much when they picked elder void bb against me, i turned that impossible lane (disruptor, elder, rubick) in our favor by purging their shitty buffs/debuffs but at the end i had a dog midlaner who did less damage than a fucking dark seer.

                                      imagine darkseer doing more damage than a OD how ridiculous is that


                                        true , you got him on that game..
                                        maybe he can only play Huskar mid


                                          Why is this fucking ape talking, I win so many OD games without his braindead dogshit Chen on my team :)


                                            Just go feed the bristle and force your team to solo deal with a void that is a level higher than the minute :)

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                                              If you trying to claim someone is an acc buyer, at least think about their builds that are consistent you retarded Iranian dog. Keep barking that you have 140+ iq and study at some top university but you can't look at basic statistics you fucking Iranian scum ape


                                                Also understand that I can get to immortal in 400 games even though I'm playing with 200 more ping than you, barking iranian retard


                                                  i cant look at basic statistics??? you are the one saying to me i cant climb with chen while i just got 700 mmr recently =))
                                                  lets take a look

                                                  41 fucking percent winrate :axe_laugh: :axe_laugh: :axe_laugh:

                                                  just stick to your huskar and feel you are good at dota by playing the most retarded hero ever.
                                                  >> hey guys i just click on heroes ahahaha im pro immortal player. i have 0 clue about positioning, 0 brain to realize how to fight and what to do on map, i just have simple idea about this game, i pick huskar, i buy helberd i go rosh now i just run into enemies and they cant do anything about it. hahahaha im so good. just click enemy heroes 5HEAD.

                                                  buddy dont talk about ping to me. its not the ping, your brain is lagging.


                                                    Higher % wr than you this month you fucking braindead iranian ape. Please tell us how you have 140+ iq


                                                      no shit sherlock? im not a fucking smurf or huskar player.
                                                      how am i +140? hmm lets burn you little more then
                                                      this month all heroes summary 209 matches , 55.02% winrate
                                                      huskar stats this month 69 matches, 72.46% winrate
                                                      lets find out your winrate without this hero then.
                                                      i hope you passed elementary school by yourself and understand this very very hard math.
                                                      (209*55.02 - 69*72.46)/(209-69) ~= 46.42

                                                      u have 46% winrate as a fucking smurf (OMEGALUL) if u dont pick huskar buddy

                                                      call me when you had the skill playing any lvl 2 complexity heroes NOOB

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                                                        till now you claimed i cant climb with chen while i already did and i am still :))
                                                        u said im just winning cause hero is broken (!!!) and if he get nerfed i will lose my mmr. buddy from the day i started playing this hero he is getting massive nerfs and my winrate increasing =)). this minor headdress buff is nothing compare to what happened to his W.

                                                        from your behavior i can say you are just telling your story as insults to others. stupid, ape, scum, broken hero spammer.
                                                        make me wonder is your mom a whor-e for real?!!!

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                                                          Iranian animal tells me he has 140+ iq yet he sounds like a braindead Russian child learning English at the age of 12


                                                            :axe_laugh: :axe_laugh: is that all you can say?? very sad actually.


                                                              Why the fuck you are so racist man :))


                                                                Wonder whose smurf this is. Just commenting to see if I have the little start next to my name too :))


                                                                  You do, congrats :)
                                                                  APES TOGETHER STRONG!


                                                                    @Bambooni I'd say quite similar, but no 4k's arent better than 5k's..


                                                                      @kowareta dunno what to say man, kind of your fault on his first death since you didnt buy a stick/clarities or something for mana earlier.. also on him for having grandma reactions to a void time walking to him.

                                                                      He couldn't tp bot because it was on cd.. your third skill wasn't though, and if you had a stick you would of been able to ulti as well then too.

                                                                      His second death, looks like he'd of prolly got a triple kill there if you used your ulti.. but yeah after that he rlly iddnt have any impact.

                                                                      Honestly i'd say the game was mostly on nyx though.

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                                                                        I had the same problem when I reached ancient with spamming Huskar , i couldnt win a game with a different hero .
                                                                        Was a long time ago though..
                                                                        I cant believe what im going to say but kowareta is absolutly right here
                                                                        @2 I doubt you would be divine without Huskar

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                                                                        venz(NEED MOTIVATION)

                                                                          rofl lmao


                                                                            @Rehtard im pretty sure I can play every single hero in this game better than you can.


                                                                              Corona made u all mental even Axe is crying there


                                                                                of course i didnt played perfectly, i dont know how to manage mana this patch, fucking clarity gives u nothing, i should buy sticks in trilane for sure, my courier died and delayed my mek for 2 minutes. i usually dont like to cast E on cores, i rather they chose where to be or if they ping it i use it for them. i remember once i used it to tp my carry to lane where 2 big waves coming at tower while he jungling camps in early game with low speed and he said why did u do that!!!! i dont wanna make someone triggered =))

                                                                                nyx is number one reason why we lost the game, i know it. he did nothing and missed a lot of stuns, but i rather shit on the huskar braindead spammer who pretends to be smurf.


                                                                                  Video games are made to waste time.

                                                                                  Sygma zxc ghoul cursed in...

                                                                                    I called it two months ago but since the guy stopped insulting me, I won't add more pain as he got already destroyed by kowareta.

                                                                                    hey guys i just click on heroes ahahaha im pro immortal player. i have 0 clue about positioning, 0 brain to realize how to fight and what to do on map, i just have simple idea about this game, i pick huskar, i buy helberd i go rosh now i just run into enemies and they cant do anything about it. hahahaha im so good. just click enemy heroes 5HEAD.

                                                                                    Story of 80% divine games where huskar is not banned and last picked.


                                                                                      get a room guys

                                                                                      love scars / you hurt me

                                                                                        ur all apes
                                                                                        t. immortal chad


                                                                                          Wow 2 of the most braindead apes on the forum screeching together, one is ancient and the other is iranian. Truly an impressive collection of animals in this zoo

                                                                                          selen simp

                                                                                            Show us your main!

                                                                                            Braian Damaeg Enthusiast

                                                                                              are you actually from south africa calling other people apes?

                                                                                              Show us your main!

                                                                                              Apparently it's probably this.


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                                                                                                ^ROFL, not mine but I do know that guy. I don't know why an ancient is typing to me though


                                                                                                  11k matches ancient 3 :(


                                                                                                    op bad lmaooo

                                                                                                    Sygma zxc ghoul cursed in...

                                                                                                      Thanks to all the people who posted here to defend the freedom of speech of our community on this forum.

                                                                                                      Some fuckers will be saying that the forum is trash and everyone is toxic. Most of the reactions shows the opposite.

                                                                                                      Big up to Lex for being the first one to stand for our rights :)

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