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General Discussionhow to lose 200 mmr in 1 day?

how to lose 200 mmr in 1 day? in General Discussion
cbj doe TRADEIT.GG

    look at my previous games for the answer.

    (pls send memes and help)

    also a losing streak right after a winning streak... seems odd.

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      want alittle boost with party q? I feel lonely playing solo 2k games <3

      دش ANDREY_KING 1996 دش

        archons in da hous (1500 mmr)
        supporting is our fate dude
        P.S. Sange and Yasha lifestealer so fucking hot

        cbj doe TRADEIT.GG

          10 losses today, so screw it im callibrating core rn lol


            I know the feeling bro.

            Girls Are Awsome


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                here are how lose spree happen. You play 1 bad game. you get a few reports from satly people. You are then throw in a bad pool. You can check it urself when you are on a losing spree chances are your teammates are also on losing spree it is not a coincidence.

                lycan/naga (1)

                  That's weird, I only win when I play solo queue.


                    After winningstreak (When your teammates carried you) you have higher Mmr and because ur dogshit you can't play vs ppl higher rank then you, and you keep your team back and therefore you lose.
                    Simple as that.


                      how to lose mmr? queue today, some how im getting russians evry game, 4 of them, and im the stranger on fuckign EU W.
                      all mmr i got in week will lose today caues of my beloved ruskies who cant play on their own servers or speaking english :))