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General DiscussionIm so noob holy sh1t!

Im so noob holy sh1t! in General Discussion

    Fvck. I calibrated this account at 3.4k mmr and now I got 2.6k mmr only. I always get lossing streak. I know I have many mistakes in game too. Idk what to do now. I have lost a huge mmr.

    I always do my best but im so really noob.

    I lose more than I win. My win rate is very bad 43%. Idk what to do.

    Sometimes I got bad teamates like on this match

    Im husksr draw lane and got rampage in mid game. But lose because my team is so heavy.

    Pls bro say all you want. Idk what to do. I think my dota account is cursed

    Sorry bad english.

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    Real Mem

      Shut up retard


        when i get losing streaks i just go to smurf accs.


          Glad u know

          Yami Yugi

            OP, you lost your mind...on a MIND GAME.... Guess what?


              holy sh1t ! :O

              oh no

                I recommend you stop picking timber. The hero is incredibly weak and you seem very bad at it.

                Your KDA is horrendous though so I'm astonished you have the rank you do.

                pop idle

                  Lmao 43%


                    Im spamming pangolier now. But lose sometimes even if I did my best.

           sad match. Really tiring. Idiot sniper dint join teamfight just farm

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                    Mid or Feed

                      youre just losing it lol. i calibrated this acc too at 3.2k and i messed up it went down to 2.7k and i promised to be better and remain calmer now im almost back to 3.2 again just 50 mmr more


                        i'll boost u for free so u can lose again

                        ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ ☾ᗩℝᏁჯᎿÎᎯ₦✌♫

                          I always make it a rule to NOT play ranked if I don't feel my "best" and/or if I lose a test normal match.

                          Mid or Feed

                            openai, boost me please


                              it just means the calibration system slightly overestimated you and your paying the price. Your items choices are abysmal and you end fo throwing the games you do really well. You need to reign back in your item choices and build for the scenario. Stop the feeding.


                                Sometimes you get bad teammates but most of the time other people get you.