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    do you think people deserves their medal if they had 60%+ winrate on their ranked match?

    Goku Black

      It varies since some games you are against lower MMR opponents so you risk losing more MMR than you can potentially gain. The difference is very minimal but over hundreds or thousands of games it can be a difference of several hundred MMR.

      If every single game was +25 or -25 then a person with 60% win rate would deserve to continue climbing ranks at a substantial rate. Since MMR lost or won can change from game to game, its possible you win 60% of the games worth a smaller amount of MMR and lose the 40% that are worth more MMR.

      Realistically, you could be immortal with a 51% win rate, if you just played a disgusting amount of games. Time is just as important as skill is for grinding out a higher rank.

        win rate doesn't matter, there are players who win a lot, cuz they spam some braindead, op hero, but they suck. This is especially true in high mmr brackets.

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