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    In picking phase, I told my team that im going mid, three of them agreed but someone picks sf and it f😂cking annoys me, so yah I picked chen then use 3rd against him 😂 but that NOOB doesnt know that there is an option to disable help (skill/item) from teammate 😂😂 thats what you get for f😂cking stealing my lane noob, Ez throw -25, well we deserve that tho but i fell sorry for my other teammates 😂

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    Del Monte

      I, for one, ruin games for the reason that i am unable to partake in my desired role, and I thnk it is cool to do so. I am so awesome.


        Hi five bro🖐️ geting madness and deso build 😎


          32% winrate btw , my team sucks i cant win shit help me plz :(

          Smile Protector

            kys retard


              did valve put your birthright at midlane sir?

              Smile Protector

                ^no but I think his mother dropped him at midlane


                  its okay for me if he said he will mid first so that I can be aware and I can give the lane to him, but no he didnt, he just pick sf as soon as the radiant got their first pick :) so kys and your family :)




                      Please dont ruin my favorite pos 5 like that, pick tiny instead if u want to throw literally


                        -32% wr
                        -Throwing because someone took "his role"

                        Truly cancer of the community


                          I used to do that with io to enemy fountain. Good times. Proud of you OP


                            well relocate is now chanelling :(


                              mid or tinyairlines



                                Von Darkmoor

                                  What a f*cking f*cktard!!!

                                  If you want a role/pos and play serious go FUCKING CAPTAIN MODE.

                                  ALL PICK OFC HE PICKS WHAT HE WANTS TO PLAY.

                                  Its in the GAMEMODE name jesus christ.

                                  Trolling in "-Ranked All Tard Eu West" is hillarious imo but complaining about "roles/pos" in All Tard is fucking cancer!

                                  Jungle Sniper with aether for a secure lasthit everytime ultimate is off cd.


                                    okay tiny, I'll tkae that in mind :D