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extra hydration

    Now I’m top 0.01% of dota players an upgrade from vhs

    Potato PC

        y its 6,76%

        Mode : TOPSON

          Majority Rules !!!

          Lefthanded Player

            lmao, u are far from 0.01% .
            i am not even in top 0.01% with my divine 4

            Tusk m3gatron

              I came back to D2 since 2 months ago (means play 2~6hours regularly) starting from legend2 now road to ancients. I know I can beat ancient4. You are my idol example. Hope I reach ancient1 too tonight <3


                TEAAACH MEEE


                  cringe is over 9000


                    Ancient 1 ain't hard to get at all.


                      This guy again

                      MMR= Meet More Retards

                        im top 0.01 :O

                        pawn 1

                          gank mid=puszy got a RAMPAGE in a match as Shadow Fiend!

                          flourishing new leaf

                            Nice graphs


                              you all can just commit life not

                              still hoping


                                7om Kurus

                                  At what mmr u reached ancient 1

                                  pawn 1

                                    anchit 1 is 4.15

                                    Sorry grills, I'm gey ☺

                                      i'm 3.7k but i'm anshient 2. :P


                                        I'm 3.4k and ancient 3, beat you bud.


                                          Lmao isn't ancient like only TOP 10% or something


                                            somewhere out there there are 2002 sad herald 1 players
                                            good to know xd

                                            A  R  T  E  M  I  S

                                              3.4k with an ancient medal = party mmr lmao

                                              With Reckless Abandon

                                                I'm at the opposite end of the spectrum...


                                                  I have 2.1k and am ancheat.