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    With the new 2-1-2 lanes please can a bluestar inform me of how to play nightstalker as a 3? Preferably with some game examples for me to inspect. What does he lane well vs? What lane combos are good for him? How has the recent nerf hurt him and how to get around this?
    Anymore info would also be appreciated.





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          Nightstalker only really lanes in offlane until night. Typically you want to 212 with the first 4 minutes as your farm. Get your phase + Urn or at least phase and an orb of venom for kill security. Once night time hits you rotate to other lanes; mid especially to gank and secure the lane for mid/safe. While this is all happening be sure to have the other offlaner farm that lane and be sure that they're strong enough to solo that lane.

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            other offlaner?

            NS is the pos 4 here, played with IO for example


              Just inspect my NS games . I am a very good (old) NS player . Though i stopped playing NS back in 2011 . Picked it up again when it came in meta last month . Won solo mids , did hard carry with it , as well as solo and dual offlane . All with 1 build . EZ .

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                Your the beefiest lvl 1 mo.therfucker ever
                Just press ur abilities and run at people

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                  This ^