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    I keep highlighting (choosing a hero and waiting for the enemy to pick so I can pick that hero) a hero and then the enemy team are choosing them and then I waited for them to pick again to counter pick then THEY PICKED THE HERO I HIGHLIGHTED AGAIN AND WAIT AGAIN AND STILL PICKED UNTIL LAST PICK I WAS ABOUT TO PICK HUSKAR THEN THE ENEMY TEAM PICKED HUSKAR

    how is this possible?


      I don't think... spectators can see what you suggest to pick using Dota 2
      Unless you're streaming and they stream snipe you


        I don't even own a twitch account. I think they have some sort of hack just like in Overwatch were Koreans hacks a lot.

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          Tommy Shelby

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              LOL this is a quality diox post. ban spectating.








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                        in the newbie bracket they like to pick huskar


                          -.- probably SOME of them are dumb to see what "spectating cheat" means in dota 2.


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                                        you know if you pick chen this will never happen to you again. One of chens skills prevents the enemy from being able to spectate cheat you.


                                          too bad ayy lmao is part of a forum and not of a dota itself

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